Posted Feb 8, 2017

Choose your Arm Support Wedge for use with Microscopes

Help to choose which wedges to support your arm while using the Microscope
Posted Feb 11, 2016

MSDs, RSI and other Ergonomic Injuries

Repeated exposure even to low risk can cause a problem as this repetitive exposure can interfere with the body's normal healing process and produce a disproportionate responses, leading to an ergonomic injury.
Posted Aug 19, 2015

Sitting at work can be deadly - simple solution

Introduce movement to your working day
Posted Mar 11, 2015

OrthoMouse Ergonomic Mouse Reviews

OrthoMouse Ergonomic Mouse helps with triggerfinger
Posted Jan 23, 2015

Should I use a footrest at work?

Footrest for the smaller user, high bench footrest, to improve posture, KOS Ergonomics Ireland
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