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Ergonomics Experts

  Our experts have BSc/MSc in Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Ergonomics, or a Health related field.

PLUS, 200+ hours of hands-on Ergo Training.

Problem Solvers

Our Experts vast knowledge and experience allows them to easily identify issues with posture and equipment.

This allows you to focus on other tasks, while we take care of your staff.

Evidence Based

We are research and data driven in all of our ergonomic solutions. 

We recommend only what is tested and only what works.

Ergonomics Pioneers

  KOS Ergonomics is at the forefront of Ireland's ergonomic industry, leading the way with innovative solutions that prioritize workplace well-being and efficiency.

How We Can Help You.

VDU & DSE Assessments

Whether you're company works Remote , Hybrid, In-Office, or even Hot-Desking, we cater to all needs with our wide range of VDU & DSE Assessment Services. Let KOS handle your Ergonomics Programme, so you can be your own workplace hero.

VDU Assessments

Remote Workplace Assessments

Perfect for Remote & Hybrid Workplaces, our expert assessors will assess your employees over video call.

Detailed/Medical Assessments

For particularly high risk employees, our detailed and medical assessors can identify the risks and offer specialised solutions.

Ergonomic Equipment

We offer a wide range of high-quality ergonomic office chairs , standing desks, plus everything else, to help you create a safer and more comfortable working environment for your employees, while also ensuring you meet your compliance requirements.

Our expert-selected and tested ergonomic equipment reduces the risk of work-related injuries and discomfort, ultimately leading to increased productivity and improved employee morale.

Visit Our Store

View all of our fully compliant Ergo Equipment

Ergonomic Chairs

Explore our wide range of office chairs to suit every body type, every employee, and every workplace in Ireland.

Sit-Stand Desks

Elevate your workplace with our range of Scandinavian Made Standing Desks.

Medical & Specialist Chairs

View our collection of Medical and Specialist Chairs, manufactured with care and quality.

VDU & DSE Assessor Courses

We provide expert ergonomic training to help businesses promote a healthy and safe work environment.

Our VDU/DSE Assessor Courses equip employees with the knowledge and skills to recognize potential hazards and discomforts related to workstations and physical environments, ultimately leading to increased productivity, decreased absenteeism, and improved employee morale.

By prioritizing the well-being of employees through ergonomic training, your business can achieve long-term success.

VDU & DSE Courses

Check out all of our VDU & DSE Assessor Courses.

Level 1 | Beginner VDU Assessor Course

Begin your assessor journey with the KOS Academy Level 1 VDU Assessor Course and become a compliant Workplace Assessor.

Level 2 | Advanced/Refresher Course

Take your Assessor Skills to the next level, by completing the Advanced Assessor Course from the KOS Academy.

Group Ergonomics Courses

Get your employees trained up with our range of Ergonomic group courses.

Ergonomics Software

Our innovative ergonomic software helps businesses optimise their work environment by performing ergonomic assessments, tracking employee discomfort, and implementing corrective actions.

Using our software, companies can create a safer and more comfortable work environment, leading to increased productivity and improved employee morale.

Ergonomic Software

Specialised Software Packages

Explore our Specialised Ergonomics Software packages, for companies that want to manage their full Ergonomics Programme in one place.

Free Software Demo

Book a Free Software demo and view all of it's key features before you make a call on implementing it for your business.

Got A Question About Any Of Our Solutions?

Get in touch with an Expert Consultant to see what solution works best for your business. 

Ireland's Only Full-Cycle Ergonomics Service

Click on the Red Circle to learn more about each solution of Full-Cycle Ergonomics!

4 Steps To Full-Cycle Ergonomics.







Approve standard equipment and set rules for recommendations.


Send KOS an employee list, who are invited to online training and bookings.


See risk ratings, reports, and manage approvals through an Online Management Portal.


Reporting on assessment costs & completion, recommendation costs, and employee satisfaction.



KOS guide on compliance and standards. You set rules and our assessors stick rigidly to your guidelines.


KOS automate invitations and follow ups with your staff members and their managers.


KOS can train you to self-manage through the Online Portal and have weekly review meetings.


The Portal allows you to see live data for every stage, from assessment to close out, including asset tracking.

Start Your Journey With Full-Cycle Ergonomics!

Get in touch with our Experts today and see how you can easily manage your Ergonomics Programme, with full control!

What Our Customers Say.

DSE Compliant Chair Test

Are Your Company's Chairs Compliant?

DSE Compliant Office Chair Test

Take our 2-minute test to see if your office chairs are compliant and up to standard!

Begin The Test 

  5 Simple Steps

To A Happy Employee

What A Successful Assessment Process Looks Like.

Step 1

1. E-Learning & Self-Assessment

Animated guidance on Ergonomic set-up, followed by self-assessment.

Automated risk rating of employees and reminders.

Step 2

2. Schedule Assessment

Employee is prompted to schedule a 1-1 e-assessment through software.

High risk employees are always offered priority spots.

Step 3

3. Virtual 1-1 Ergo-Assessment

Guidance and education on improving their work set-up and determine the requirements for seating and workstation equipment.

Step 4

4. Equipment Setup Training

Assembly instructions and manual handling documents & videos are sent to the employee.

Step 5

5. Close Out = Happy Employee

2-weeks after the equipment is delivered, KOS email the employee to digitally sign that the equipment is suitable.

The assessment is then closed out.


Recorded Risk Management

Time-stamped paper of each step, from the beginning, to the employee sign off of their suitable workplace.

Risk Managed 

Transparent. ​..



9,000+ Companies have decided to Work Better.

Now it's your turn.

Get in touch to talk to the Ergonomics Experts and let us free up your time and resources, allowing your business to thrive!

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