What Is Trigger Finger?

Everything You Need To Know About Trigger Finger And Mouse Finger Pain!

Have you ever been working at your desk for a long period and felt a pain in your finger from using your mouse? Well, this could be the start of Trigger Finger.

trigger finger, eldery woman grabs wrist in pain

"Trigger Finger is one of the most common causes of hand pain in adults. Around 2% of adults are affected by Trigger Finger"

- PubMed

What Is Trigger Finger? 

Trigger finger is best defined as a medical condition where one of the fingers of the hand exhibits a limitation of movements when an attempt is made to straighten a bent finger.

To illustrate, the condition is characterised by the finger getting stuck while straightening and then suddenly straightening out with a ‘pop’.

It was in 1850 when Alphonse Notta  Notta first discovered this potentially disconcerting condition.

What Causes Trigger Finger?

There are numerous trigger finger causes. The more common ones may well include the presence of associated conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Diabetes. These conditions may trigger or worsen mouse finger pain from prolonged or repetitive use.

Studies show that women are prone to more finger pain from using a mouse, however, with both women and men, it is the 40 to 60 years age group that is inclined to contract a trigger finger injury. 

Typically contracted while involved in strenuous activity of the hands, the incidence of trigger finger globally is far higher than one would believe.

Statistics indicate that the lifetime risk incidence for trigger finger and mouse finger pain is 2 to 3%. It could be as high as 10% in Diabetics. 

Thus, it is scarcely surprising that there are innumerable options when the context is how to cure trigger finger maladies.

One of the popular trigger finger causes is arguably indiscriminate use of the mouse while working on a computer terminal. 

The typical movement where the index finger repeatedly presses on the mouse can lead to a swelling and inflammation of the tendon sheath.

This is best classified as a trigger finger.

1. Repeated Gripping

Person using a regular mouse for work

Your risk of developing trigger finger may be increased by occupations and pastimes involving repetitive hand use and protracted grasping.

As the name suggests, mouse finger pain is commonly caused by the continued use of the wrong mouse. 

2. Health Problems

extended hand - pain in the wrist

Those who have rheumatoid arthritis or diabetes are more likely to develop trigger finger and mouse finger pain.

While it is still unclear, it is thought that when the blood glucose level is too high, because the body isn't properly using or doesn't make the hormone insulin, it creates cross-links between collagen molecules and this results in collagen build-up in the tendon sheaths around the flexor tendons. 

3. Your Sex

Multiple team of different genders

Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis are conditions that women are more likely than males to get, which may also account for the higher prevalence of trigger finger in women.

It is thought that hormone changes play a big part in trigger finger in females, as well as the fact that they may perform reptitive tasks at a higher rate than men. 

Trigger Finger Prevention

Ergonomic Mouse

This ergonomic ailment is best corrected by using an innovative ergonomically designed mouse which would minimise the probability of irritating the tendon sheaths in the hand and thus prevent onset of trigger fingers in most instances. 

An ergonomic mouse designed with an alternate way to scroll the page rather than the traditional scroller. Experts recommend a mouse like the MOUSTRAPPER ADVANCE 2.0 that allows the scroll to be done through buttons with a maximum of three movements needed rather than continuous scrolling of the scroll wheel.

The typical ergonomically designed mouse would eliminate the need for tapping on the mouse several thousand times every day. The user should not need to lift their finger for every click, there should be just a downward force needed. This is best achieved by ensuring that the mere weight of the hand placed in an anatomically comfortable position would be enough to single-click the mouse. 

On the contrary, a button strategically placed in opposition to the position of the thumb could well help in double clicking the mouse, this option has been used in the Evoluent Vertical mouse. It is important to use an ergonomically designed mouse that supports your hand and has light touch buttons that do not require much force to press them.

What Is The Best Mouse For Trigger Finger? 

Your choice of mouse can make a significant difference in reducing the effects of trigger finger, if you have been diagnosed with the condition.

The best mouse for trigger finger should reduce or eliminate the force or movement required to press the main buttons on the mouse.

1. MouseTrapper Advance 2.0

Mousetrapper Advance 2.0 ergonomic mouse is designed to reduce the awkward mouse reach and ease shoulder pain - a good RSI treatment.

The Mousetrapper Advance 2.0 is a truly ergonomic mouse, that provides unmatched cursor precision and control.

A total of six programmable buttons give you plenty of options for setting up your Mousetrapper exactlythe way you want. Download the MT Keys software, which lets you easily reconfigure all the button functions, create user profiles and much more. Advance 2.0 has a folding keyboard support, which makes it equally compatible with new low-profile keyboards and higher-profile standard keyboards.

A good long term solution to RSI from constant use of the mouse.

This central pointing device allows you to work safer, faster and more comfortably. You use both hand, so your left hand can take some of the load from right hand mouse use



2. Wireless Vertical Rockstick Mouse

A vertical mouse that avoids twisting of the hand, wrist and forearm that often results in RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

This ambidextrous mouse can be used simply with both your left and right hand.

Instead of using your fingers for clicking you use your hand movements to the right or left to click right or left, thus helping you avoid RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The Rockstick Mouse is the top vertical mouse on the market, reducing the strain associated with Trigger Finger. 



3. EZ Wireless Vertical Mouse

A simple, long-term solution to wrist and arm pain and the RSIs due to the repetitive clicking of the mouse.

A totally ergonomic vertical mouse that changes the way you use your computer mouse.

You will hold your mouse in the handshake position, taking the strain off the hand and forearm.

This vertical mouse has a removable palm rest that prevents your hand rubbing off the desk as you use the mouse.

This wireless mouse is also weight adjustable.  You can insert up to 4 coins to adapt the weight of the mouse to suit your needs.



Trigger Finger - The Debate!

One of the most keenly contested conditions in healthcare, the treatment of trigger finger continues to be a puzzle and a debate for most. 

This is not surprising considering that the treatment options presently available in the market are symptomatic and curative but definitely not preventive. 

On the contrary, the need of the hour is to find the right mix between prevention and cure if the objective is how to cure trigger finger. 

Remember whatever mouse you are using, it is vitally important to take micro pauses regularly throughout the day. 

These are little breaks for about six seconds that you should take every 10 – 15 minutes.