Malmstolen 4000 | Back Care Ergonomic Office Chair

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Conquer Your Back Pain With The World-Leading Back Care Ergonomic Office Chair

Struggling with back pain from long hours at your desk? Struggle no longer!

Introducing the Malmstolen 4000, the best office chair for back pain from KOS Ergonomics. This orthopedic office chair is a game-changer, combining cutting-edge ergonomics with unparalleled comfort to keep you pain-free throughout the workday.

On top of its game-changing back pain solving, the Malmstolen 4000 is the most comfortable ergonomic office chair on the market. Long hours at your desk will feel like a breeze! 

Unmatched Back Support:

  • Unique Dux Sprung Seat: Experience unparalleled comfort with this patented technology that cradles your body and minimizes pressure points.
  • Adjustable Backrest: Fine-tune the lumbar support to your specific needs, promoting proper spinal alignment and reducing back strain.
  • 4D Armrests: Find the perfect position for optimal armrest support, minimizing neck and shoulder tension.

Effortless Movement:

  • Knee Tilt Mechanism: This innovative feature mimics a natural sitting position, enhancing circulation and reducing fatigue.
  • Highly Adjustable: Customize the chair to your exact needs with adjustments for seat height, armrests, and backrest tilt.

Invest in a Pain-Free Future! 

The Malmstolen 4000 is more than just a chair; it's an investment in your well-being. 

Order yours today and experience the difference a truly ergonomic chair for back pain can make!

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    I've never sat on a chair like it!

    The spring system in the seat just makes it more comfortable and I love how the backrest and neckrest supports me the whole way up my back.

     ...I'll never sit in a locked chair again now!

    - Philip E.  

    The Malmstolen 4000 - Ireland's Best Office Chair For Back Pain - Designed for Ultimate Comfort and Back Support!

    Here at KOS Ergonomics, we understand the importance of choosing the right Back Care Ergonomic Chair for your pain! We also understand that it is a big purchase decision, and it needs to be carefully considered. Many of our customers have purchased a number of, what they were told were, ergonomic office chairs for back pain, over a short period of time, in the hope that it would solve their pain problems.

    Unfortunately, they purchased unsuitable chairs for their specific needs and this has led to years of frustrations, physical pain that has gotten worse, mental health issues, and a huge hole in their pockets!

    To help combat this, KOS Ergonomics has set out on a mission to educate Irish workers on the importance of Prevention over cure!

    To help you choose the perfect office chair for your pain, you can visit one of our 2 showrooms, get free expert guidance & advice on the chair that suits your specific needs, and try out different ergonomic chair options, with absolutely zero obligation to buy!

    When you choose a Back Care Ergonomic Chair from KOS Ergonomics, you get FREE Delivery, plus a Complimentary Chair Set Up from a KOS Ergonomics Expert Consultant!

    This allows you to rest easy, knowing that an ergonomics expert, with years of knowledge and training, is specifically tailoring your office chair to your body and needs, creating a long-lasting solution that will allow you concentrate on your health and happiness!

    The Malmstolen 4000 isn't just an Ergonomic Office Chair, it's an investment in your long-term health.

    Now it's finally your time to Work Better.

    All Features Of The Malmstolen 4000: 

    Back Support and Ergonomics:

    • Unique Dux Sprung Seat: This patented seat design uses springs to distribute weight evenly, minimizing pressure points.
    • Adjustable Backrest: The backrest features four elastic bands that automatically adjust to your spine's curvature, promoting proper posture and reducing strain.
    • Adjustable Lumbar Support: Fine-tune the backrest height and angle to perfectly cradle your lower back for targeted pain relief.
    • Knee Tilt Mechanism: This innovative feature allows the seat to tilt slightly forward, mimicking a natural sitting position and improving circulation.

    Adjustability for a Personalized Fit:

    • Seat Height Adjustment: Find the perfect height to ensure proper leg support and hip alignment.
    • Freely Adjustable Backrest Angle: Customize the backrest angle for optimal comfort and support in various working postures.
    • Six-Position Seat Depth Adjustment: Adjust the seat depth within a range of 8 cm to accommodate different leg lengths and seating preferences.
    • Adjustable Armrests: Enhance comfort with a variety of armrests. All armrests are adjustable in height and easily attached/removed. (ErgoFlex armrest offers additional depth adjustment and inward rotation).
    • Adjustable Headrest: Relieve neck and head tension with an adjustable headrest, perfect for those who enjoy working in a reclined position.

    Additional Features and Options:

    • Tilt Resistance Adjustment: Match the tilt resistance to your body weight and preference for a smooth or more controlled reclining experience.
    • ESD Model Available: Choose the ESD model for workplaces requiring electrostatic discharge protection.
    • Certified for 24/7 Use: The Malmstolen 4000 Classic is built for long-lasting comfort and durability.
    • Castor Options: Select castors suitable for your floor type: soft castors for hard floors or hard castors for soft floors.
    • Base Options: Choose from a polished or black aluminium base to match your style preference.
    • Polyether Foam Seat: The standard seat provides a comfortable and supportive base.

    Find Your Perfect Solution To Pain-Free Work.

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