Laptop Stand Ergo P

Laptop Stand Ergo P


The Ergo P Laptop Stand helps correct bad posture which contributes to back pain and neck pain.

The unique design means the stand neatly folds away for easy storage when not in use and is big enough to support a 17 inch laptop when open. It is an elegant addition to your ergonomic range of equipment to ensure the best set up at home, at the office or even when travelling. The Ergo P Laptop stand is made of aluminium and ABS plastic. It folds away neatly in a neoprene carry case that doubles as a mousepad. The Ergo P laptop stand is easily adjusted to a height to meet the user's requirements.

  • Six different angles to position laptops for viewing comfort
  • Ergonomically adjustable
  • Adjustable height and width
  • Slim design and lightweight
  • Hollowed-out design to avoid overheating
  • Black neoprene carry case that doubles as a mouse pad
  • Used with either a tablet or laptop


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Laptop Stand Ergo P to relieve neck and shoulder pain KOS IrelandCombined with an external mouse and keyboard this laptop stand allows you to set up an ergonomic working position with your laptop wherever you are.  

The most important of all the laptop products.  Because it's designed to adapt to you!

Ergonomic Guidelines

Bad posture from using a laptop often results in back pain. The laptop stand will improve posture by just putting the screen at the right height, angle and distance for you, this will significantly reduce the risk of back and neck pain from laptop use.

The Ergo Stand is constructed of anodised aluminium making it lightweight (550g) and exceptionally durable to withstand continuous use.

What is the complete solution?

Ergo P Laptop Stand Closed Easy to fit in your laptop bagThe laptop stand, with an external keyboard and mouse, enables users to locate the keyboard at the proper height while adjusting the screen to the preferred viewing distance and height.

Unnecessary eyestrain and neck discomfort are avoided.

The result is a cost effective, ergonomic work posture.

We all spend more time on the laptop computer than we anticipate. A Laptop Stand can ensure comfort. This laptop solution ensures your workstation complies with Health and Safety Guidelines.




  • Minimum size: 252 x 182mm
  • Maximum size: 252 x 275mm
  • Weight: 360 grams

Colour: Silver and Graphite

Portable, lightweight laptop/tablet stand that has adjustable height, width and angle settings.

*Suitable to use for tablets also

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easily fits in my laptop bag or carry-on
James M. on 12/04/2017 Been using it non-stop for work travel every Mon - Thurs. 4 stars instead of 5 because it still can't get most laptops up to a height where the screen is at eye level. But, it's light weight, easily fits in my laptop bag or carry-on, and it's easily assembled/disassembled. Solid option for a work laptop stand (if you use an external travel keyboard and mouse as I do).
Awesome product
Daniel O. on 04/03/2017 Absolutely love it!
My back is better already!
Chris M. on 09/10/2017 Because I travel for work, 99% of my computer use is on a laptop. Spending 10-12 hours a day hunched over a laptop screen was leaving me with major back and shoulder pain that even weekly trips to a massage therapist weren't really helping. I bought one stand a while back, and it helped, but it was too bulky to travel with me, so I was stuck with the choice of either buying one for home and one for work, or with not using one at all. The Ergo P solves that problem by folding flat. It's extremely sturdy and secure when it's fully deployed, but folded up it's almost as small as an iPad Mini. It gives me more choices in viewing angle and position than the bulky stand I discarded in favor of it, and it can hold even the heaviest corporate-issued junker laptops!
Great product!!! and light weight.
Arnout B. on 20/01/2017 Fantastic... My MBa is now sitting at the right height... this thing is super light weight and very sturdy, especially with the "wings". Top tip: I added double sided duct tape to the rubber foot that holds the laptop... the rubber was popping out during storage. I also added some grip tape to the wings to ensure they have a solid connection to the desk (see picture).
Great, compact laptop stand
Peter B. on 24/09/2016 Great, compact laptop stand. This is perfect for the traveller that likes to have a temporary yet comfortable work station. I'm in consulting so I am frequently at various customer sites / offices for a few days. With this and my Logitech MK360 keyboard/mouse combo I have a great portable workstation that's comfortable.
Contender for best all-purpose stands!
Greg D. on 22/11/2016 I bought this after I saw my roommate order one. Let me tell you, this stand rocks! It can easily hold heavy 17" laptops with utmost stability and it folds flat into your bag (about 2-3mm thin). It's made of aluminum and plastic so it's light, it's 5-notch adjustable from 30 to 50 degrees, and comes with a neoprene sleeve. One of my favorite uses, beyond putting a laptop on it, is to put books on it! The rubber grip that folds out is great for textbooks and I have yet to use anything that has been this stable and good for textbook reading and page-flipping. I wish I had this in undergrad. It's also great for cookbooks, large binders, anything hardcover, and 200+ page paperbound books. Even for small books, you can now read easily with one hand. You will find dozens of applications for this and it may become one of the most utilitarian purchases in life. Oh yeah, and it's ultra-portable!
This stand is the best one out there!!
Jack K. on 16/08/2016 I have tried about 20 stands. I have returned 19 of them. This is the only stand that works with my laptop. My Dell laptop is rounded at the bottom which makes it slip off every other stand. This one has a big enough lip, is portable and durable. I never write reviews but I had to for this one!
I love this. I need to keep my head straight à
Daniela G. on 10/06/2017 I love this. I need to keep my head straight because of neck issues and I can read or do jigsaw puzzles on my kindle with no problem. Highly recommend.
Flattens for travel, holds your notebook ergonomically positioned; great for the traveling writer
Karl B. on 08/08/2017 This with the mini-keyboard was a purchase that was long overdue for me. I write a lot while traveling and these two items made my laptop into a much friendlier machine, and one which gives me much less eyestrain and hand fatigue. I highly recommend this nifty stand which collapses neatly into flatness and fits in its own little carrying pouch.
Annette Shannahan - Owner ..

We at Abbey Physio and HealthcareDirect have worked very effectively and on many occasions with Seamus and the team at Kos Ergonomics when seeking solutions and resolving work-related...

Eileen Murphy - Physiotherapist ..

I recommend patients to KOS. They have experience and expertise with ergonomic solutions for patients with particular problems. When they sell a chair, they ensure that the chair is fitted...

Padraic O'Fiynn - Ergonomist ..

Since 2006, working as a chartered ergonomist with KOS Ergonomic solutions has greatly contributed to an early and safe return to work mainly for staff and where necessary students of the...

Kathleen Treanor - Ergonomist ..

I Kathleen Treanor have worked collaboratively with KOS and Seamus Kennedy since 2000. We have worked together with many organisations both public and private, to provide professional...

Sarah Carry - UCD ..

Since first contacting KOS Ergonomic Solutions in 2010, l have found their service reliable and efficient, combining excellent customer service and product expertise with a range of ergonomic...

Eileen Hannon - Stryker ..

KOS Ergonomic Solutions has supplied us with chairs for our Beading Room which have been very beneficial to the safety and comfort of our employees working in this area. These chairs are used 14-18...

Alison Minter - Paypal ..

Just wanted to say thank you for the quick and efficient service over the last year. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you and I would highly recommend KOS to anyone

Irene O'B - Physio & Ergonomist ..

Following a fall from a bicycle I sustained a T10 (mid back) wedge fracture with no nerve damage. I also reinjured my neck having sustained a whiplash injury some 20 years previously. Three months...

Karol Fitzgerald - Athlone IT ..

As I informed you previously to my numerous back problems, resulting from fracturing a couple of vertebra in my lower back a number of years ago. This later caused disc to slip, trapping nerves...


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