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An ergonomic mouse to help eliminate RSI associated with computer mouse use.

Can be adjusted to suit different hand sizes.

The OrthoMouse was conceived and developed specifically to help the body heal and prevent the pain and misery associated with Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) resulting from long term repetitive motion in incorrect positions with improper tools.


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OrthoMouse Hand assumes Position of FunctionOrthoMouse, what makes it an unique ergonomic mouse.

The uniqueness and differentiation rests in the physical shape and form which totally respects  the anatomy and function of the hand that uses it in repetitive movements over prolonged periods of time.

It is a device conceived and developed specifically to “do no harm” and finally to help reduce/eliminate the ever rising pandemic of Repetitive Strain Injuries.

Technologically the OrthoMouse has everything to be a high precision, versatile, reliable and comfortable computer input device without any unnecessary technical hype.

It is an anatomically correct precision tool, adapted for the complexity of the human hand, rigorously adhering to the scientifically proven and worldwide recognized ergonomic and orthopedic principles.


OrthoMouse Hand supported and comfortableThe unique form and function of the OrthoMouse preserves the natural shape and proportions of the hand, allowing for the total support of the palm while the thumb is opposed to the other fingers.

The hand works and rests in the “Position of Function”.  This is the only position, recognized by Orthopedic Professionals worldwide that supports total  musculoskeletal equilibrium.

It means that the hand, forearm and fingers remain in “passive adaptation” thus allowing prolonged, repetitive tasks without strain and with minimal effort.


Fatigue-Free! No Strain, No Pain, No Injuries!


Ortho Mouse orthopaedic designThe Ortho Mouse is in effect 6 Mice in 1 Mouse. You can adapt the mouse to the size, shape and function of your hand.

The OrthoMouse, aware that not all hands are alike, comes with adaptors that allow you to select the best fit for your hand (small, medium and large) and fingers (regular or long).

This award winning computer mouse has been conceived by a medical doctor experienced in the area of how human anatomy and function, specifically the human hand, respond to prolonged stresses, overuse and the impact of incorrect posture and prolonged usage of improper tools / techniques.

This ergonomic mouse was not designed only by industrial engineers or ergonomists, although they have all participated in the creation of the first orthopedic computer mouse designed specifically to eliminate mouse use related RSI and provide the user with unparalleled safety and comfort.


* 5 Buttons (programmable) with low mechanical resistance & no accidental click

* Innovative and healthy replacement of the scroll wheel

* Optical Technology 1000DPI

* Special location of the optical sensor to maximize control and precision

* 5 Interchangeable Adapters to optimize the fit, function and level of comfort

(6 different configuration possible with this single device)

* Plug & Play USB interface

* 7 surface “hugging/sliding” silicone micro-pads located on the device underside

* Specially textured body to facilitate micro-channel airflow/anti-perspiration

* Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux

* Height: 2.56” (65mm) Width: 3.23” (82mm) Length: Adjustable, 4.45”-5.35” (113mm-136mm)

* Cord length: 5’10” (1.8 meters)

* One year limited warranty



I am finding the mouse fantastic. My finger is locking far less!





The OrthoMouse, MicroDesk and Laptop Pack P  received has made a huge difference to my working day.  





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If you change you mind on purchase, please notify us within 14 day of purchase should you wish to return items.  You will need to ring for a Returns Note Number, which you will need to quote when returning items.   Goods must be unused, unopened, in a saleable condition and in their original packaging. 


If the item has been sent in error or is defective KOS will arrange collection and return.  Otherwise the onus is on the customer to arrange and pay for the return of the items.


Refunds will be issued on receipt of returned goods in saleable condition

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Very good mouse
Fionn R. on 16/08/2017 Best I've tried. Very happy
Really helped my carpel tunnel syndrome.
Aaron F. on 11/11/2016 These are great for people with limited mobility or carpel tunnel syndrome.
Very accurate mouse
Finn D. on 28/01/2017 Great for design
Best ergonomic mouse on the market
Cillian D. on 20/12/2016 I am an ergonomist and I think this is the best ergonomic mouse on the market! Only mouse that places the hand in the Position of function.
Great mouse!
Dylan B. on 08/07/2017 It took some time to get use to but i have seen dramatic changes with how my wrist feels. My wife introduced me to this and she loves it too... Well worth it
No more wrist pain
Ryan M. on 27/09/2017 This mouse completely eliminated my wrist pain. I tried literally dozens of mice over the years and none of them were able to do what this mouse does. Experiment with all of the attachments to determine which configuration is the most comfortable for you. After about a week of use at work, my wrist's constant aching and tightness started to disappear. After two weeks, it was gone. Between this mouse and a split keyboard, all of my carpal tunnel issues were resolved.
I wish I'd had this years ago!
John M. on 30/05/2017 Too late to prevent the ruination of my forearm from ongoing use of a mouse; but at least it's keeping it from deteriorating further. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this to any right-handed mouse user.
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Kathleen Treanor - Ergonomist ..

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