How to Create an Ergonomic Workstation
28 June, 2024 by
Eamon Carroll

Increase productivity and avoid work related pain by implementing these simple tips to create an Ergonomic Workstation.

Computer use within every generation has risen dramatically over the last few years. The advent of technology and rise of social media means much of our lives revolves around our laptop or computer workstation. Due to the frequency of use it is vital to understand and be able to apply good ergonomic practice when it comes to workstation setup. Ensuring you are proactive about your workstation will enable you to remain productive as ever and continue to thrive pain free!

For anyone who spends more than four hours on the computer every day it is vital to be able to work efficiently and without the risk of injury. And the best part? Most of these tips are set-it-and-forget-it, which means that a few minutes of effort now can results in hours and hours of future comfort. It’s absolutely worth it! Here’s what you can do to optimize your own work desk. 

Tips On How To Set Up Your Computer Work Space

1. Arrange the items you use most nearest to you eg. keyboard and mouse (within in the optimum reach zone).

This step will enable you to avoid leaning over excessively and twisting repetitively thus greatly reducing the likelihood of incurring injury.

2. Items you use less frequently can be placed slightly further away from you. (within the maximium reach zone)

Again the goal here is to prioritise the items you use most by moving them closest to you. For example if you use your phone only a couple of times each day there's no need to have it in your optimum reach zone. The max reach sector will be fine in ensuring you don't develop any repetitive strain injuries.

3. Monitor Screen should be placed approximately arms length from you and the upper part should be in line with your eyes.

These are simple cues to ensure you don't develop any eye discomfort or neck issues. Another point to note is to take frequent short breaks from staring at the screen. This is an excellent way of remaining productive as you proceed to work for long periods.

4. Document holder can be place straight in front of you, between your keyboard and screen.

 To ensure you are limiting the amount of twisting and turning placing the document holder in a straight line in front of you

5. Always avoid placing items you use often more than an easy reach from you.  

This will reduce the likelihood of overextending repeatedly which can potentially lead to injury. A few simple rearrangements will mean a reduced likelihood of injuries occurring.

6. Instead, printers and items such as envelopes you use less frequently can be placed a distance away from you, encouraging you to get up and move around intermittently during your day.

The development of an office environment where movement is encouraged and advised is an excellent strategy in being proactive with ergonomics. A healthy and comfortable workforce means increased productivity and efficiency.

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Eamon Carroll 28 June, 2024
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