Back App Chair


Back App is an ideal sit stand chair that strengthens your back and improves posture.


BackApp chair relieves back pain and gives better posture by strengthening the core muscles that support the spine, resulting in a natural sitting position.

This ensures a natural comfortable sitting position where users are more energetic and productive at work.


The Back App 2.0 was developed as a solution for people with back pain and to promote active sitting. A chair ideal for sit stand desk environments as it is best used in a higher sitting position


This unique height-adjustable office chair is perfect for back pain sufferers and for those who want to prevent it.


The Back App ergonomic chair will help you incorporate exercise into your otherwise sedentary day, as the balancing action of the chair results in you exercising your core muscles, keeping your back healthy and helping prevent future back problems.

Back App offers many advantages:


  • Reduces back pain while sitting
  • Helps maintain a better posture
  • Reduces the effort to sit in the better posture
  • Increase your movement when sitting


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Study by Kieran O'Sullivan, University of Limerick on the BackApp

No more back pain

Twenty-one people with lower back pain sat on the Back App for 1 hour and then on an ordinary office chair with armrests and a backrest for 1 hour. The participants reported the level of lower back pain and overall discomfort every fifteen minutes over the course of the hour. Lower back discomfort (pain) increased significantly while they sat on the ordinary office chair (p=0,05). Their pain also continued to increase over the course of the hour, so the level of significance increased to p=0,01 after 60 minutes. Their overall discomfort was also significantly higher after 60 minutes on the ordinary office chair.


Exercise your core muscles

Fifteen healthy people sat still on the Back App for 1 hour watching a video with the ball in the medium challenge position. Then they sat for 1 hour on an ordinary office chair with a backrest and armrests. Energy expenditure increased significantly (p=0,001) while they were using the Back App. The average increase was 19%. Even though the sitting position was neutral when sitting on the Back App, which requires less energy, the muscles worked more and burned 19% more energy. The reason for this is that the body uses energy to maintain balance.


Burn more energy while balancing on the Magic Ball

Fifteen healthy people sat still for 1 hour and watched a video while sitting on the Back App with the ball in the medium challenge position. Then they sat for 1 hour on an ordinary office chair with a backrest and armrests. Energy expenditure increased significantly (p=0,001) while they were using the Back App. The average increase was 19%. It is well documented in the scientific literature that a standing position increases energy consumption by 15%. Thus, sitting still on the Back App with the ball in the medium challenge position, increased energy consumption to the same level as when standing. If you sit on the Back App 8 hours a day for 230 days, you will burn 27,600 kcal more than when sitting on an ordinary office chair. 27,600 kcal is approximately equivalent to 4 kg of body fat.


Sit more upright with less effort

Based on two studies where people sat upright without a backrest and attempted to keep a natural posture, or performed a typing task. The conclusion was that the outer stabilizing  muscles are less active when sitting on the Back App. Lumbar flexion was significantly reduced and so was the activity of one of the main lumbar muscles. The conclusion was that sitting upright on the Back App is easier than sitting upright on an ordinary office chair. You are able to sit upright for longer without a back rest while using the Back App.


         Survey of 364 physiotherapists

Since 2006 the Back App chair has been on the market as a training apparatus exercising the back supporting muscles during seating. After selling 11000 chairs we sent a questionnaire to specialists (physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc) in the Nordic countries who use Back App.

Effects of Back App on the neck
67,3 % of specialists said that neck patients would benefit from training with Back App, and over 62,2 % said that sitting on Back App had positive effects on neck function.


Effects of Back App on the hips
49,5 % of specialists said that patients with hip problems would benefit from training on Back App, and over 39,3 % said that sitting on Back App should give positive effects on hip function.


Effect of Back App on the pelvis
47,3 % of specialists said that patients with problems in the pelvic region would benefit from training on Back App, and over 39 % said that Back App affected pelvic function positively. In addition over 44,8 % said that pelvic muscles were positively affected.


Back App can be recommended
We asked the specialists if they would advise their patients to use Back App?
348 of 364 said "Yes"
The 18 saying no had these reasons: 5 of them had no patients and could of course not advise the Back App to anybody, 6 said they thought it was too expensive, 7 said that they would not recommend the chair because of the need for height adjustable tables and because Back App was not movable (needed wheels)


351 of 364 said that Back App seating was comfortable. Comfortable seating is a key factor for continuous use of Back App as a training apparatus.

From this extensive study we can conclude that specialists from Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland agree that the Back App chair is doing the job it was planned to do; Back App exercises the back supporting muscles - by sitting

One of the most common factors that aggravates low back pain is sitting for long periods of time.

According to studies by Kieran O’ Sullivan, from the University of Limerick, the Back App chair makes it easier for people to sit in an upright posture, reduced the muscle effort required to sit in an upright posture and potentially important in the management of low back pain.

The BackApp chair reduces the pain back suffers endure while sitting and is important as one part of their back pain management.

The Back App ergonomic chair will help you incorporate exercise into your otherwise sedentary day, as the balancing action of the chair results in you exercising your core muscles, keeping you back healthy and preventing back issues.

BackApp Exercise by Balancing

This unique height adjustable office chair is perfect for back pain sufferers and for those who want to prevent it.  You are balancing on a ball without touching the ground with your feet.  (Sames as riding a bike, riding a horse)  Your balance motor is on and you are training the muscles in your lower back

When sitting on the Back App you must continuously balance yourself which helps to stabilise the muscles in your back and improve your posture by promoting active sitting.


Not only does this height adjustable chair support your back, it also helps to combat fatigue and makes you feel less exhausted after work due to increased alertness.


While sitting on this back care chair your feet are comfortably positioned on the foot board and not the floor. Study shows that energy consumption increases

- Sitting on an ordinary chair was 78,8 kcal per hour.

- Sitting on Back App it was 93,8 kcal per hour – an increase of 19 percent.

- Standing compared to sitting on an ordinary chair increases the energy consumption by 15 percent.


By using the Back App chair you can achieve sit-stand benefits without standing.

-Back App 2.0 light, red ball nordic wool black
-Seat depth 381mm
-Seat width 472mm
-Base width 603mm
-Ball width 88mm
-Chair height 666-892mm
Back App Specification

-The ball is moulded onto a tube that can be screwed into and out of the aluminium frame to control the tilt of the chair.

-A tilt indicator with green and red colour is integrated with this tube.

-A stop function prevents the ball from being removed.

-Damping material is attached with double sided tape that improves adhesion with use.


Optional extra



In stock, goods will be dispatched from our ware house within 2-3 business days.

We stock this chair in black wool with a grey base and red ball.  Lead time would be 2-3 days.


For other options the lead time is approximately 4/5 weeks.


We will contact you with a delivery date nearer the time.


Box delivery with our courier.


Returns policy.


In the event of receiving this chair damaged on delivery please let us know within 24 hours of receipt so that you can make a valid claim.


If you change you mind on purchase, please notify us within 14 day of purchase should you wish to return items.  You will need to ring for a Returns Note Number, which you will need to quote when returning items.   Goods must be unused, unopened, in a saleable condition and in their original packaging. 


If the item has been sent in error or is defective KOS will arrange collection and return.  Otherwise the onus is on the customer to arrange and pay for the return of the items.


Refunds will be issued on receipt of returned goods in saleable condition

I have a Back App chair in my clinic and recommend it to patients with lower back, neck problems as well as headaches and stiff shoulders. It’s a great chair to help improve posture.

Gillian Brown, Clinic Manager



Like so many professionals, I spend more time than I'd like to think in front of a computer. The trick to staying healthy is getting the right equipment - which I've now done through Back App. No more back pain, stiff neck or shoulders!

Christine Brown-Quinn, Managing Director



What I like about the Back App chair is that it is different and makes one aware of how there are alternative ways, often simple, of undertaking an ordinary activity. In this case the result is extraordinary – for the assignments of reading, writing and computing are approached from a position that gives control. You feel in charge and on top of the task, which brings a vital element into the process – confidence.

John Humphries, Editor & Publisher



Following a back injury where sitting without discomfort was impossible. The Back App chair facilitated my rehabilitation and ongoing comfortable seating. A truly life changing product.

Sharon Hunt, Beauty Therapist


Builds up the core no end!
Jake W. on 11/04/2017 Great piece of kit!
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