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Sit-Stand Desk / Standing Desk Buying Guide:

KOS Ergonomics are a team of ergonomic consultants who have being providing sit-stand solutions and sit-stand desks (standing desks) for over 17 years.  We are sit-stand experts and are very particular about what sit-stand desks we now take on. In those 17 years, we have seen Standing Desks being manu...

Sit-Stand Desk / Standing Desk Buying Guide:

KOS Ergonomics are a team of ergonomic consultants who have being providing sit-stand solutions and sit-stand desks (standing desks) for over 17 years.  We are sit-stand experts and are very particular about what sit-stand desks we now take on. In those 17 years, we have seen Standing Desks being manufactured pretty much exclusively in Scandinavia with all manufacturers having a very high standard to now a huge number of Chinese imports with reduced and inconsistent quality and manufacturing standards. We have turned into a bit of a standing desk superstore over the years with the largest range of sit-stand solutions in Ireland. Have a quick read of our Sit-Stand Desk Buying Guide because we know exactly what to look for when buying a sit-stand desk.

What is the best sit-stand desk?

Sit-Stand Desk Build Quality - The best standing desk is one that's well made. At KOS Ergonomics we only provide sit-stand desks from Scandinavian manufacturers. Our most popular range of height adjustable desks Scandic-Desk is Danish made and Danish manufactured, so the build quality is exceptional. There is a lot of Chinese imported sit-stand desk manufacturers recently and the build quality seems to be very poor and the life time of the desk could be as short as a year or two. Where you would expect a 10-20 year+ life of a well made sit-stand desk. If you wouldn't buy a Chinese car, I wouldn't buy a Chinese Sit-Stand Desk.
Sit-Stand Desk Height Range - The best sit-stand desk needs to have a large height range to suit the taller and smaller user in both the sitting and standing position. European Standards require a height range of at least 650mm-1250mm but our desks generally exceed this. If a standing does not have this height range the desk will not go low enough for the shorter user while seated and the desk will not go high enough for the taller user while standing.
Sit Stand Desk - Ease of Adjustment - The best sit-stand desk needs to be easy to adjust, otherwise it won't be adjusted. KOS Ergonomics are selling sit-stand desks for 17 years and have had all types of mechanisms.

  • Electric Sit-Stand Desks - These are by far the best option as they are very quick easy to adjust. There is no manual handling risk and they can hold large weights.
  • Crank adjustment sit-stand desks require the user to wind the desk up and down which becomes tiresome for the user and eventually usage reduces. They were very popular in the late 90's.
  • Counter-balanced or gas assisted sit-stand desks are very quick and easy to adjust if they have the perfect amount of load on the desk. If there is too much load the desk begins to lose stability or the height may unintentionally drop. There may also be a manual handling risk when lifting the sit-stand desk, if there is too much weight on it  If there is not enough weight or the resistance is set to stiff, the sit-stand desk can shoot up too quickly and can be very difficult to push downwards, particularly when raised above elbow height. This makes it very difficult to adjust, particularly for the shorter user and there is a risk of injury while doing so. Counter-balanced mechanisms are generally only recommended if there is no access to electricity and the loads put on the desks are consistent.

Sit Stand Desk - Dynamic Load capacity - For a two-legged frame, it is always recommended to have a load capacity of at least 100kg+. KOS Ergonomics always try to have sit-stand desks with a dynamic load capacity of at least 130kg because people will treat the sit-stand desk the exact same way they will treat a standard fixed desk. They will lean and sit on it. Also there is likely to be a significant amount of weight on the sit-stand desk. For light use areas or where space is tight, a single leg sit-stand desk may be suitable. A load capacity of 70kg would be suitable but with a word of warning.

Sit Stand Desk - Energy Usage - Electrically Height Adjustable Sit-Stand desks use electricity but how much they use varies significantly. Our Scandic-Desk range uses on average 1/3 of the electricity on stand-by compared to the average sit-stand desk.

Sit-Stand Desk - Anti-Collision - If you're looking for the best standing desk, I think anti-collision sensors needs to be included. When they come into firm contact with an object, the desk height reverses in height in order not to crush or damage furniture or a person. I think it's a must, if we really are talking about the "best" sit-stand desk!

Sit Stand Desk - Cable Management - There's nothing that annoys me more then untidy cables and there all more visible when the desk can adjusted in height up to standing level. Effective Cable Management is a must, so always get a cable tray and cable sock with your sit-stand desk!

Sit Stand Desk - Stability - The best test of a sit-stand desk is to raise it to its very highest and see how stable it is. This is linked with build quality. If the desk is unstable in the standing position it will be annoying and reduce the likelihood of usage. Also that instability means parts are moving that aren't meant to be moving, so this is going to increase the likelihood of a breakdown or failure significantly. If possible try out the sit-stand desk before buying to test the quality!

If you would like to speak to an ergonomic consultant to get advice on what is the best sit-stand desk for you or if you would like to arrange a showroom visit to test them out before you buy; speak to one of our Ergonomic Consultants and we'll guide you in the right direction - 01 6110 200

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  • Scandic Standing Desk KO22 alu
    Desk KO22 Al 1600

    The Scandic-Desk Standing Desk KO22 is the best standing desk available and a great investment to improve user health and overall productivity. Postural variation is crucial to maintain user health and reduce the risk of of work-related back injuries. Standing desks are a fantastic option to encourage postural variation in the workplace and to allow...

  • Sit Stand Scandic-Desk KO23
    Desk KO23 Wh 1600

    Sit-stand desks or standing desks are a fantastic option to encourage postural variation in the workplace and to allow workers more freedom to move. Standing while working has been shown to improve productivity by as much as 20%. More movement between sitting and standing means more muscle activation and elevated blood circulation which, when coupled...

  • Scandic-Desk Standing Desk KO21 Black Frame
    Desk KO21 Bk 1600

    Standing Desk with Black Frame   Sit-stand working is becoming very popular and even the norm in the modern office environment. The KO21 Standing Desk is best height adjustable desk available and a great investment to improve user health and overall productivity. Postural variation is crucial to maintain user health and reduce the risk of of...

  • Genius Electric Standing Desk
    Desk HA Genius 16-9

    A designer standing desk for the busy executive. A standing desk not only help you to actively complete your office tasks, but it also enhances the elegance of your office. It is true that sitting at your desk or in meetings all day make people lose their concentration. Change in position is necessary for concentration in the meeting and an electrically...

  • Compact Electric Mobile Desk KO1060
    Desk KonSe KO1060

    The Compact Electric Mobile Desk KO1060 is the perfect solution, where the need is a minor free standing height adjustable and mobile desk. The 1-column frame with symmetric base allows the table to be used from all sides. This white laminate table top is based on a 25 mm chipboard. Melamine has a very good durability and is of a very hardy quality. This...

  • KOS Freedom Desk K13
    Desk Freedom Desk 36

    The KOS Freedom desk is a standing desk adapter that makes any desk a standing desk. It is a very easy to adjust sit-stand solution. The upper display surface is very spacious and it has a separate lower surface for the keyboard and mouse. The KOS Freedom Desk has a spring-assisted lift mechanism which enables an easy switch from sitting to standing in...

  • KOS Standesk
    Desk Elect Stand Desk ESS1

    The KOS Standesk is the perfect Sit-Stand Adaptor for anybody looking to easily vary their posture while they work. Research has shown that postural variation has a significant effect on improving productivity and reducing back pain among office based workers. The tailored 3 memory height adjustment system on the KOS Standesk allows the user to...

  • Elevate 2 Standing Desk

    The Elevate 2 Standing Desk is the perfect addition to your home office to improve health, comfort and productivity. This desk enables regular postural variation which is crucial to maintain user health and reduce the risk of of work-related back injuries. A Standing Desk is also the perfect desk solution for somebody with any back, shoulders or neck...

  • Sit Stand Table K0701
    Desk KO701 1000

    Sit Stand Desks help reduce Back Pain and increase Energy.K0701 is suitable for lighter duty situations (home or light office use) with a weight capacity of 50kg including the top.These desks will adjust from 680-1200mm making them suitable for growing children, wheelchair users and adults of all sizes.Specification: K0701 Frame and Table Top d800mm x...

  • Electric Table K01001
    Desk K1001

    This electric heavy duty Height Adjustable Tables help reduce back pain and increase energy.K01001 is rugged, and stylish table and is ideal for use in almost all work environments: libraries, offices, call centres, educational environments, factories, laboratories and homes as it has a weight capacity of 100kg.These electric tables adjust at the touch of...

  • Electric Desk K01150
    Desk KO1150 1200

    This heavy duty ergonomic office desk is the complete sit stand desk solution to relieve back pain.K01150 is suitable for heavy use situations in offices, factories, laboratories and homes with a weight capacity of 150kg.These desks are ideal for job share situations with different height users.They will adjust from 650-1220mm making them suitable for...

  • Height Adjustable Table KO1025
    Desk KO1025

    This height adjustable table goes a little lower than most.  The frame height adjustment is from 560 to 1190mm.Ideal for multi user environments where you have a wide range of users.   Includes a Straight Table Top 1600 x 800mm in Beech.   Please tick box below to include Delivery, Assembly and Desk Setup in Ireland.


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I recommend patients to KOS. They have experience and expertise with ergonomic solutions for patients with particular problems. When they sell a chair, they ensure that the chair is fitted...

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