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This Central Pointing Device that will help eliminate Repetitive Strain Injury - rsi

Roller Mouse Free 2 is an ultra-low ergonomic mouse that is placed straight in front of you.

This central pointing device allows you to work safer, faster and more comfortably.

You use both hand, so your left hand can take some of the load from right hand mouse use


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Win XP
Win Vista
Win 7

Mac OS X

32 & 64 bit


OSX 10.4 or newer

RollerMouse Free Central Pointing DeviceThe RollerMouse Free2 offers complete freedom, functionality and flexibility.

Roller Mouse Free  can help to eliminate upper body repetitive strain injuries related to computer mouse work.

The generous size roller bar spans the width of the alpha portion or the keyboard allowing finger-tip control at any typing point.

Advantages of the RollerMouse Free 2:

You can work safer and faster. This computer mouse will put less physical strain on you and its improved precision will help you work more efficiently.

Because it is a central pointing device it places you in an ergonomic position, where everything you are using is placed right in front of you.  This prevents rsi, wrist and arm

Also it encourages use of both hands. Using both hands helps avoid repetitive strain injury and prevent wrist and arm pain by varying your position

RollerMouse Free Button Information from KOSConvenient copy and paste buttons have been placed within easy reach, along with the double click button (with a single depression).

With this ergonomic mouse you can expect a reduction in reported mousing related pain, repetitive strain injuries, and a remarkable increase in through put of mouse related work.

FEATURES (wristrests included)

Made for your keyboard
Use the keyboard risers to customize the height and angle of your keyboard to find the most comfortable typing position. The ultra-low and slim RollerMouse Free2 keeps your hands and wrists flat on a desk or table - the safest working position for your body.

Room for two
The fully open rollerbar opening allows you to place several fingers, from one or both hands, parallel to each other. This improves control and precision while reducing and distributing the workload between the fingers.

Slim, flat and low
RollerMouse Free2 is the lowest RollerMouse yet. Its 19.5 mm height makes it even easier to rest your hands and wrists flat on a desk or table. Working with flat wrists is the optimal ergonomic position for your body.

Rest your wrists
Make movements comfortable and effortless with RollerMouse Free2 leatherette wrist rests. Our integrated wrist rest is ergonomically designed to keep your hands, wrists and forearms flat. The wrist padding is slightly higher than the rollerbar to avoid unwanted clicks.

Quick and easy cursor speed selection
Choose between five cursor speeds ranging from 800 dpi to 1600 dpi for maximum precision.  The speed increases by 200 dpi with a push of a button. Five lights above the triangular button indicate your current cursor speed.

Tip: New users may want to start with low cursor speed. Once familiar with RollerMouse, we recommend selecting a higher cursor speed. For users with big screens, or multiple screens, the faster setting makes it easier to reach further with the same rollerbar movement.

RollerMouse Free Hand PositionCentral control
RollerMouse Free2 controls are located near the keyboard. Everything you need to control your computer is within reach. This eliminates awkward movements and strain caused by gripping the mouse.

Custom made
The ultra-low and slim design of RollerMouse Free2 fits most keyboards without the need for further adjustment.  If you want to customize the height and angle of your keyboard, simply insert the keyboard risers, two modular mini-platforms, to find the most comfortable working position. .

Tip: You can vary settings to adapt to thinner, more narrow or compact keyboards.

Optical motion detector
An optical sensor detects the cursor movement. It is placed at an optimal position to ensure consistent and reliable tracking. This predictability makes it easy for your fingers to move the cursor.

Choose the force
Adjust the amount of pressure required to perform a mouse click. Use the click-force tension slider underneath RollerMouse Free2 to choose from soft to firm settings.

Tip: New users may like to start with a firm rollerbar click. Those familiar with RollerMouse may find using a lower click force faster.

Keep it steady
The keyboard risers are covered with rubber to keep your RollerMouse Free2 in a firm and steady position. The more fixed RollerMouse Free2 is on the table or desk, the easier it is for you to find the right buttons and maintain your preferred working position.

No grip, no force
RollerMouse Free Keyboard riser for height and angle adjustmentThe rubber-coated rollerbar gives you solid and precise cursor control with very little need for force. This allows you to move the cursor with a light touch, which relaxes your fingers, hands and arms.

End detection
If your cursor cannot move further, simply force the bar slightly to the right or left until you hear a gentle click. This activates the end detection and the cursor can move anywhere on the screen.

Tip: If you’re using multiple screens, the end detection function allows you to re-align the cursor position.

Maintenance free
The rollerbar’s low friction Teflon-coated bearings give you a consistent, smooth and light cursor movement. The bearings are protected from touch and dirt, making the rollerbar maintenance free.

Not for me because too much hand motion is required, even though the control is solid
Rian K. on 02/10/2017Unfortunately, the rollermouse just didn't work for me. I tried to become accustomed to its feel, but I was never inspired by the feel.My main criticism is simply that quite a bit of physical motion of the hand is required to control the mouse - even though it does work effectively to actually control the mouse.
Love my rollermouse!
Oliver G. on 13/03/2017Love the rollermouse!! Totally got rid of my carpel tunnel in my takes getting used to, of course, but once you do, you'll love it. Totally worth it!!
Perfect as described
Jake W. on 01/08/2017Perfect as described, my employee was very pleased with it and to be honest, probably the direction mice are going in if you want to really get into ergonomics
Love this rollermouse! It gets my highest recommendation!
Tadhg S. on 13/01/2017This rollermouse has been the answer to my prayers. I have carpal tunnel in both wrists, and a regular mouse irritates my wrist and arm. I first tried this product about 6 years, and I've had it at work ever since. I now own one for home. It takes about a day or so to get used to, and it is easy to adjust to the roller bar. This is the latest model of the product, and I just got this one for home. I love this product, and it has helped reduce my pain so I can concentrate on my work. I give this product my highest recommendation! I use it with an adjustable keyboard tray that keeps my arms at a 90 degree angle. Works great!
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