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  • Cleanroom Chair KCR145

    Cleanroom Chair KCR145 Clean room chairs with superior comfort that meet strict clean room standards.Chairs with an ergonomic design, superb clean room classification and reliable ESD measures.

  • Cleanroom Chair KCR146

    Cleanroom Chair KCR146 for Higher Bench workChairs with an ergonomic design, superb clean room classification and reliable ESD measures. They meet all the clean room criteria and offer a high level of quality in the process.

  • ESD Standing Rest K452E

    Some of the tasks associated with ESD areas call for elevated seating positions or require workers to stand for long periods or to alternate between standing up and sitting down. Thei ESD Standing Rest provides exactly the right support for a wide variety of tasks that have to be carried out while standing up and so takes the strain out of your everyday...

  • ESD Chair K801E

    ESD Chairs offer excellent ESD protection properties and maximum reliability. They are manufactured using volume conductive materials and features conductive surfaces. Superb ergonomic design and individual functions make them ideal chairs for ESD workplace. Tapered backrest.Optional Replaceable Upholstery, see below

  • ESD Chair K803E

    This ESD chair is an anti-static industrial chairs are very well suited to assembly and repair departments. This ESD-safe chair is 100% ESD safe ideal for areas where work is carried out on electronic components that are extremely sensitive to static electricity.Chairs have a tapered backrest for ease of movement.Replaceable Upholstery also available.

  • ESD Swivel Stool K468E

    ESD Swivel Stool is designed for ESD environments to offer support and reduce the strain on the body.. This ESD stool has a very comfortable seat that will support the body and relieve stress from concentrated work.Conforms to EN 61340-5-1Artificial Leather Black

  • ESD High Work Chair KS1211 20 E ESD

    An excellent ESD Work Chair that supports the users back.A truly ergonomic work chair with a tilting seat and tiltable backrest.


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