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  • Move Saddle Stool Small

    This saddle stool is the perfect childs stool for study and for playing computer games as it encourages movement. The M Stool keeps the natural curve in the spine and the spinal disks dynamic; blood circulation is active and oxygen supply is improved, leading to better concentration and overall wellbeing.The Move Stool is born out of a philosophy of...

  • Childs Table Compact Table

    Buying childrens table and chairs is an investment in the childs health and education. A height adjustable table is a once off investment.A childrens table that lasts for the childs lifetime can be extra important for children with special needs who do not adapt to change in their environment easily.This compact childrens table is ergonomic furniture...

  • Economical Childs Desk

    This Joker child's desk that is height adjustable to grow with your child. A study desk suitable for primary school, through secondary school up to college years.It has a sloping table top to improve posture and avoid back problems.

  • Primary Childs Chair M6 Rocking Chair

    An ergonomic chair for children that ensures correct posture, sitting position, and simultaneously trains the back muscles. A rocking chair for children that adjusts to the childs size on into adulthood. The ideal rocking chair for children who love to move, and movement helps concentration. The height of the backrest, the seat height and the seat...

  • Secondary Childs Chair M7

    Secondary childs chair is an ergonomic school study chair that promotes movement and adjusts to the students size as they grow Secondary Childs Chair M7 ensures varied, dynamic sitting.·· This ergonomic chair adapts to individual needs, helping to ensure good posture habits that will remain throughout their lives. The Secondary Childs Chair M7 will...

  • Childs Chair Max

    The Childrens Chair Max is an ergonomic chair for children encouraging to sit with correct posture. This childrens chair, because it is easily adjusted will encourage the child to change the settings to suit their size and what they are doing. Kids grow fast, maybe a little too fast at times! Only scholastic furniture that grows with your child can...


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