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We can provide you with a VDU Assessment when you visit our showrooms in Dublin or in Holycross in Tipperary.


Our Dublin Showroom is at 3 Clare Street, Dublin 2. Please ring 01 6110 200 for an appointment.


Our Tipperary Showroom is in Holycross, Thurles, Co Tipperary.  Tel: 0504 43341


Some people do not need ergonomic products.  

Most do!

What is a VDU Assessment?

It is a risk assessment of the workstation, always taking into account the work being done at the workstation.  

Not Everyone needs Ergonomic Products


- Display Screen Equipment

- Keyboard

- Work desk or work surface

- Work chair

- Environment (space requirements, lighting, radiation, noise, heat and humidity)

- Employee computer interface (software should be suitable for the task and easy to use


At KOS Ergonomics we specialise in;

Back Care Chairs to help relieve back pain and improve posture.

Ergonomic mice and keyboards to relieve and prevent RSI, Repetitive Strain Injury.

Document Holders, Monitor Arms to relieve neck and shoulder pain.


All our staff at KOS Ergonomic Solutions are DSE/VDU trained and qualified chair assessors


Give us a call on 01 6110 200 or 0504 43317 to arrange an appointment or click the button below to submit an enquiry via our contact form


When you meet with one of our expert consultants you will be taken through a complete workstation set up, empowering you with knowledge and understanding to set up your work space to fit you personally.

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We can provide you with a VDU Assessments when you visit our showrooms in Dublin or in Holycross in Tipperary.

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