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  • Active Work Chair 22

    A back support chair suitable for office and industrial use. Thanks to its simplicity and ergonomic design, the Activ Work Chairs are ideally suited to most work environments, such as laboratories and industrial workplaces, where extra support is needed. This Active 22 office chair / industrial chair follows your movements, always keeping the support at...

  • ESD Standing Rest K452E

    Some of the tasks associated with ESD areas call for elevated seating positions or require workers to stand for long periods or to alternate between standing up and sitting down. Thei ESD Standing Rest provides exactly the right support for a wide variety of tasks that have to be carried out while standing up and so takes the strain out of your everyday...

  • Industrial Chair K801

    This industrial chair K821 meet the highest ergonomic requirements and offer more than conventional industrial chairs.The high backrest helps take the strain off your spine and muscles.The back rest narrows towards the top for optimum freedom of movement.The seat is ergonomically designed to help you keep your back in its natural "S shape".Optional...

  • Laboratory Chair – Lab Pro Chair 2

    The world's first pure laboratory chair. Unlike conventional laboratory adaptations of office and workshop chairs, the Lab Pro was specifically designed for use in the laboratory. The seamless design concept even conceals mechanical parts under a soft cover. This laboratory chair introduces a sitting solution which is tailor-made for the...

  • Laboratory High Chair Lab Pro 3

    A laboratory chair tailormade with you in mind and how you work in the laboratory.The Lab Pro's Auto-Motion technology supports the bent over postureArtificial Leather Swatch

  • Lab Chair KL2134

    The Lab chair that is tried-and-tested all-rounder for use in laboratories.This ergonomic Lab Chair KL2134 is ergonomically adapted to the shape of the body.A Lab chair that is easy to clean, and also has antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial properties.

  • Medical Chair K132

    This medical chair was specially designed for hospitals, outpatient clinics, doctors or physiotherapy practices.The K132 Medical Chair is equipped with revolving backrest that is suitable as an armrest.Optional Height Adjustment by FootStamskin Colours

  • Saddle Stool KOS

    KOS Saddle is an innovative way of combating backaches by improving posture, strengthening the back muscles and increasing blood circulation in your legs. KOS Saddle is an anatomically shaped saddle stools that encourage a healthy back posture.We Stock Stamskin Black

  • Alternative Chest Support Chair 4545

    Ideal for back sufferers and thoses with coccyx pain The Support Alternative is an ideal solution for users wishing to relieve strain on their backs whilst working in a forward leaning position. Tasks, such as teaching, at low desks leaning over children's work. It is also suitable for doctors, dentists, chiropodists and podiatrists.Fabric Swatch Gaja.

  • Saddle Chair KOS015

    A Saddle Seat Work Chair - Stool with a tilting saddle seat.This saddle chair / stool is ideal for those who need to sit and stand while working.An ideal support stool for the laboratory worker, dentist, pharmacist, optician, hair dresser, etc.Integral Foam Black

  • Support Saddle Stool 4501

    Offers infinite flexibility in the seat and the backrest adjustment, making it so easy to adjust to individual needs.Saddle chairs help improve posture and keep our backs in the natural S position.Gaja Fabric Swatch Also available in Black Vinyl

  • Active 2 High Bench Chair with Footring

    The Active chair is an ergonomic chair that follows your movements.An ideal chair for back pain sufferers who need extra support as they work.The perfect back care chair for those who work at a high bench or at a high desk.Chair comes with Footring and Glides as standard.Fame Fabric We stock Fame BlackLead time approximately 5 weeks for non...


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