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  • PACS Radiology Desk
    Desk PACS Radiology Desk

    PACS Radiology Desk from KOS An ergonomic PACS workstation is essential for the wellbeing of the radiologist. The height adjustable radiology desk from KOS, is easily adjustable, allowing the radiologists to alternate between sitting and standing, helping avoid pain discomfort and fatigue and also accommodating different sizes of users. When you combine...

  • Radiologist Chair
    CH Radiologist Chair

    A proper ergonomic chair is a vital tool for the radiologist With constant advancements in imaging technology, the radiologist work is becoming increasingly sedentary, resulting in increases neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain. Often the reading room chair is ill fitting, non-supportive and not fit for purpose. The PACS desk chair from KOS is the ideal...


This Sit Stand Desk for the Radiology Department was designed with the radiologists individual needs in mind.  It is a height adjustable desk allowing the radiologist to work sitting down or standing up.  This PACS desk helps manage light and noise issues to ensure easy concentration. 

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