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  • Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mat K47901

    The more conventional Heavy Duty Industrial Anti-Fatigue Mat.Ergonomic benefit derived from a 14 mm thick worker platform of a long wearing top surface laminated onto a resilient micro-cellular vinyl base for maximum durability and fatigue relief.Diamond plate pattern provides traction while allowing easy twist turns.Tested and certified by the...

  • Antifatigue Mat for Sit Stand Desks K1425

    A rubberised foam mat ideal for those who sit and stand at work.Extreme comfort derived from rubberized foam 19 mm thick Ideal for static standing work stations Bounce effect stimulates balance checks

  • Cushion Tracks Anti Fatigue Mat
    Mat Cushion 479

    This anti-fatigue industrial floor mat is specially designed to fulfill the requirements of industries with multi-shift operations in the dry work area. This anti-fatigue industrial mat is durable and comes in vinyl diamond plate design, which provides non-directional traction. This mat is very easy to clean. The unique technology eliminates the...

  • Marble Soft Anti Fatigue Matting
    Mat Marble 470

    The marble anti-fatigue floor mat not only décor your place with amazing marble-pattern design, but it is also a best ergonomic solution of floor matting. One of the most important characteristics of Marble soft anti-fatigue matting is that it is very easy to clean because of its durable rubber top. It comes with exclusive technology that eliminates the...

  • Diamond Anti-Fatigue Matting
    Mat Diamond 419

    Anti-fatigue mat is necessary for a place where people have to stand for more than a few hours. Diamond anti-fatigue mat is a great solution for dry work areas like labs, shipping departments and packaging area. It is durable and comes with non-directional diamond deck plate top surface. This anti-fatigue mat is manufactured with a sturdy protective layer...

  • Diamond Solid Anti-fatigue Mat
    Mat Diamond Solid 621

    Diamond solid anti-fatigue mat is a combination of durability and strength of an industrial mat with the comfort and ergonomic support. These qualities made it a high-performance modular matting system which is the perfect matting for industrial environments. The footing design of this industrial mat elevates it off the floor, which creates air pockets...

  • Walker Anti-Fatigue Matting
    Mat Walker 450

    Walker Anti-Fatigue matting is an exclusive workplace anti-fatigue mat that helps overall freedom of movement while maintaining its basic ergonomic properties. The pebble surface structure helps in the smooth footing. The mat is manufactured with high-quality polyurethane foam, which is known for its ultimate comfort and long lasting properties. It allows...


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