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  • KOS Monitor Stand KO330
    Monitor Stand KO330

    The KOS Monitor Stand KO330 reduces strain on the neck and back by raising the monitor height to suit your individual needs. This ergonomically designed monitor stand can hold LCD or CRT monitors as well as notebooks and printers. The stackable element of the monitor stand means the one monitor stand can suit most computer users requirements. Having a...

  • Monitor Riser 25mm

    Computer Monitor Risers will help prevent neck pain.Having the computer screen at the correct height for you results in you putting less pressure on your neck.We all spend alot of time in front of our computer screen. A simple monitor risers help us avoid putting our neck muscles in awkward positions for long periods.RRP Price 8.50

  • Monitor Stand 50mm

    Monitor Stands will rise your computer monitor to a comfortable height for viewing.Having your computer monitor at the correct height will relieve neck and shoulder pain.As we spend so long at the computer the height of the computer screen will have a huge effect on our posture.This simple ergonomic solutions will help you avoid straining your neck...

  • Adjustable Monitor Stand Metal KOS494

    This adjustable monitor stand is designed to raise your computer monitor to a more suitable viewing height.This monitor stand raises the monitor  6, 7 or 8 inches off your desk.Also allows easy storage of your office essentials underneath,Creating a healthy working environment.


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