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Find The Perfect Control Room Chair That Is Built To Last With Ireland's Best Range Of 24 Hour Chairs - Built For Extended Periods Of Use, Multiple Users, And Warranty Included

Keeping your eyes glued to a screen for hours on end can take a toll. At KOS Ergonomics, we understand the unique demands of control room operators and anyone who shares a chair for 24/7 operations. That's why we created our heavy-duty 24 Hour & Control Room Chairs

These aren't your average office chairs – they're built to endure multiple shifts, multiple users, and unwavering focus.

Built to Last, Engineered for Comfort

Imagine a chair so tough, it can handle anything your control room throws at it. That's the KOS Ergonomics difference. Our chairs boast:

  • Industrial-grade materials: We use high-quality, heavy-duty components that can withstand continuous use. These chairs are built to last, shift after grueling shift.
  • Unwavering support: Our chairs are meticulously designed to provide exceptional lumbar support, keeping your posture perfect for extended periods. No more backaches slowing down critical operations.
  • 24/7 Comfort Guarantee: We're so confident in the quality and comfort of our chairs, we back them with a 24/7 Comfort Guarantee. Because a comfortable operator is a focused operator.

Designed for Multiple Users, Seamless Adjustment

Control rooms are often bustling with different operators. Our chairs address this with features like:

  • Quick and easy adjustability: Seat height, armrests, and lumbar support adjust effortlessly, allowing each user to find their perfect comfort zone in seconds. No more time wasted fiddling with settings.
  • Easy-clean materials: Spills happen. Our chairs are upholstered with durable, easy-to-clean materials that handle daily wear and tear with ease. Minimal downtime for maintenance means maximum uptime for your operations.
  • Built-in breathability: Long hours can get stuffy. Our chairs utilize breathable fabrics that keep operators cool and comfortable throughout their shifts.

Invest in Your Team's Wellbeing and Focus

KOS Ergonomics' 24 Hour & Control Room Chairs are an investment in your team's long-term health and productivity. By prioritizing comfort and support, you're empowering your operators to stay focused, alert, and ready to perform at their best, 24/7.

Ready to Upgrade Your Control Room?

Browse our selection of top-quality 24 Hour & Control Room Chairs and discover the difference unwavering comfort and exceptional durability can make. Visit our website or showroom today to find the perfect chairs for your control room needs.

KOS Ergonomics: Built for Comfort, Engineered for Performance.

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Malmstolen 4000 | Back Care Ergonomic Office Chair
€ 1,489.00 € 1,489.00 € 1,489.00 1489.0 EUR
0% Off
Svenstol S5 | 24/7 Control Room Chair | Leather
€ 3,795.00 € 3,795.00 € 3,795.00 3795.0 EUR
0% Off
TwentyFour 7 | 24 Hour Control Room Chair
€ 1,950.00 € 1,950.00 € 1,950.00 1950.0 EUR
0% Off
Malmstolen 4000 Leather | Back Care Ergonomic Chair
€ 1,999.00 € 1,999.00 € 1,999.00 1999.0 EUR
0% Off
HAG H09 Excellence 9321 | Executive Office Chair
€ 2,887.00 € 2,887.00 € 2,887.00 2887.0 EUR
0% Off
HAG H05 5600 High Back - No Arms | Ergonomic Office Chair
€ 767.00 € 767.00 € 767.00 767.0 EUR
0% Off
Revive Ergo High Back 24/7 Chair w/ Neckrest | 24 Hour & Control Room Chair
€ 938.00 € 938.00 € 938.00 938.0 EUR
0% Off
KOS Logic 400 Elite - No Arms | 24 Hour & Control Room Chair
€ 1,976.00 € 1,976.00 € 1,976.00 1976.0 EUR
0% Off
KOS Logic 400 - Elite | 24 Hour Control Room Chair
€ 2,235.00 € 2,235.00 € 2,235.00 2235.0 EUR
0% Off
KOS Heavy Duty XXXL Chair 506 | Back Care Ergonomic Chair For Larger Person
€ 2,412.00 € 2,412.00 € 2,412.00 2412.0 EUR
0% Off

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Your 3 Options For Finding The Perfect KOS Ergonomics Solution!

Expert Advice

Our experts are highly trained and experienced in providing tailored solutions for pain sufferers.

Get in touch with one of our Experts and they will be happy to offer simple guidance on what you should be looking for in an Ergonomic Product.

Our experts will give you tailored advice and ergonomic solutions specific to your situation. 

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Visit A Showroom

Try out all of our Ergonomic Chairs and Standing Desks in one of our 2 Showrooms.  You have the option of Tipperary or Dublin.

Please note, our showrooms are by appointment only. 

This is down to the fact that we always offer our full, undivided attention to every customer. You will meet an Ergo Expert in person, who will recreate your work set up and offer advice on the best office chair for your situation.

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Purchase Online

If you know what Ergonomic Product you want, you can easily purchase online, or request an official quote!

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