The standard working week is 40 hours in length. This means we spend around 1/3 of our waking hours working. A fair chunk of time. For employees to continue to work productively it is important that they are well looked after, provided with appropriate ergonomic solutions and generally feel valued by their employer.

If ever you are unsure of whether ergonomics is worth investing your time in remember these important points.

1) Keeping employees happy means they will want to do good work

According to research, happy employees are over 10% more productive. Interestingly they are also more inclined to do a good job and will be motivated to do as good a job as possible when they know they are valued and appreciated.

2) Keep presenteeism and absenteeism low

Presenteeism means working while ill or otherwise with reduced function, presenteeism rates tend to typically be as a result of a lack of a sick day policy which pressurises employees to put their work over their health. Unfortunately it can result in chronic disease, reduced productivity and can even cause tension in the workplace.

Adequate ergonomic precautions can result in reduced presenteeism and absenteeism rates as employees are in a healthier and safer working environment.

Together, absenteeism and presenteeism can cost organisations up to €1.5 billion a year or around €800 per employee!

A well managed ergonomics programme incorporating quality VDU assessments and top of the range ergonomic solutions will prevent issues arising and help manage any issues that are currently being faced.

3) Ergonomics is an investment in productivity

Aside from improving presenteeism and absenteeism rates, investing in employee workplace ergonomics is an investment in overall productivity. Unfortunately, education on quality, correct ergonomics is not common in the workplace. Employees are maintaining static, negative postures while at work which in the long term can result in work related injuries. If adequate thought is put into a company's ergonomic processes then they can avoid future issues and improve productivity within the company.

4) Where to start?

Investing in correct, education driven ergonomic processes are key to long term progression in workplace wellness. Companies that ensure these processes are in place see excellent results and maintain a happy workforce. Processes that include high quality VDU Ergonomic Assessments every two years (As advised by the Health and Safety Authority of Ireland) and top of the range ergonomic solutions are key to ensuring long term employee health is a priority.

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