Sit Upright Sit Correctly At Your Workstation

Good Posture Tips for Sitting in the Office

We are spending more and more time sitting at our desk.

We need to become conscious of our posture, how we sit at our desk now more than ever.  

Good posture means we are not putting extra pressure on our spine.

The natural position of the spine is the S position.

Head Balanced and Shoulders Relaxed
Keep your head balanced - not leaning forward

Shoulders relaxed

Good back support while sitting.jpgSit into the chair for back support

Make sure you have good lumbar support

An open andgle pelvis puts less pressure on the discs

Arms relaxed and Armrests level with desk.jpg
Have your arms relaxed and at a 90 degree angle

Armrest height should be set level with your desk.

Space behind Knee Feet flat on groundKeep an open knee  angle when sitting.  

Leave space between your knee and the seat.  This will help circulation.

Keep your feet flat on the ground.