Dentistry is regarded as one of the most hazardous professions with very few escaping debilitating neck and back pain during their careers as a result of the awkward postures achieved during the normal working day. Dentistry requires patience, concentration, attention to detail, strength and precision and often the dentists own posture is forgotten when undertaking complex procedures. A more ergonomic approach must be taken by dentists to work free of musculoskeletal disorders. The ideal posture of the dentist gives them the optimal working conditions with access, visibility and control of the mouth, whilst achieving a comfortable, strain free and unimpeded working position.


For a number of years KOS Ergonomics have been studying the problems faced by dentists and we have now launched KOS Dental Ergonomics, with innovative solutions to these problems.


The vast body of ergonomic literature shows that saddle seats naturally encourages a healthy posture, thereby offering numerous benefits to both body and mind. The KOS special seats for dentistry professionals, produced with our European partners, are called "saddle seats" because of their saddle-like shape.

These seats have three key features which dentists need:

The seats encourage a neutral posture, allow for movement and place the user in an elevated position.

The KOS Dental saddle seats are very high-tech product based on years of research and experimentation. In a study of astronauts in zero-gravity conditions, NASA highlighted the advantages of a neutral posture. Now, KOS has made this cutting-edge type of seating available to the dentistry professionals in Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe.

Neutral posture

A saddle seat naturally encourages a neutral posture, with the user's opposing muscle groups in balance and pressure on joints equalised. Two key features of the astronaut's zero-gravity position in the NASA study are especially important for dentists: the large trunk-thigh angle (up to 135 degrees) and the spread legs.

The KOS saddle seats include these features so that the user can maintain a standing-like pelvic orientation and a beneficial lumbar curve, while actually being supported by the saddle seat. As these illustrations show, sitting in this way is very different from sitting in a standard right-angle chair. A saddle seat also maintains the user's upper-body centre of mass directly above the pelvic bones. This reduces and balances pressure on the spine.

Active seating

Freedom of movement is another advantage of the KOS Dental saddle seats. As many studies have shown, sitting immobile in one position for a long time can result in a variety of health problems

The KOS Dental saddle seats help the user to maintain the mobility of a standing posture and to activate core muscle groups, especially when using the KOS Adjustable Balance Mechanism. This KOS ergonomic seat will allow a dentist to move freely to treat a patient without the risk of static pressure building up in the dentist's muscles and spine. The KOS Dental ergonomic seating transforms the sedentary dental profession into an active one.

Elevated position

The KOS Dental saddle seats also place the dentist in an elevated position, which prevents uncomfortable and unhealthy compression of the user's lungs and abdomen. By using the KOS Dental saddle seats, dentists can get close to their patients without having to remain in a cramped position or fold their legs awkwardly under the patient's chair. Another advantage of the elevated seating is its ability to boost confidence in both dentists and their patients.

Split Seat versus Undivided Seat

As a result of in-depth research and testing, KOS believe the undivided saddle chair offers greater comfort to dentists. Although some manufacturers favour a divided saddle chair, which they believe results in less pressure on the genital area (especially for males), KOS Dental Ergonomics chose the undivided saddle chair that distributes pressure in a balanced way. This saddle chair is designed to spread pressure over the seat, which means that it is more comfortable than a divided saddle chair and there is almost no pressure on the genital area. A divided chair, on the other hand, has very concentrated pressure points, which may feel very uncomfortable to the user."

Risks of a sedentary profession

Avoiding the risks of a sedentary profession, our mission is to offer innovative seating products that help the user maintain a healthy position, stay fit and confident, and avoid the usual risks of sedentary work.


Our products are manufactured in Europe to the highest standards. They are rigorously tested by our manufacturing partners before they reach the marketplace and come with the reassurance of a 5 year warranty. Further details can be found on or call 01 6110200 or email