what are the best chairs to stay active at home ?

Unfortunately, many of us spend too much time sitting. The past year lockdown has meant that we are required to work from home, some of us are spending an average of 6 hours a day per sitting, 4 more hours than we were before the pandemic. According to a recent working paper in the Journal Psychiatry, the overall sedentary behaviour in people has increased with physical activity amongst people already dropping by a third.

Sitting too much — as many of us are during lockdown at our computers or on our couches — is associated with increased risks for weight gain, heart disease, type 2 diabetes to name a few.

So, what is it that we can do to stay active during the day?

What is active seating?

Active seating is the ideal way to move throughout the day. An active seat adapts to your body and allows it to move more freely. It helps to improve posture, reduce stress and strengthens your back and core muscles. These chairs allow you to sit in a more open position which prevents you from slouching. It also takes pressure off your lumbar and reduces strain to your discs which helps to alleviate back pain.

Types of active seating

The Swopper 3D Chair – An award winning chair

The idea behind the Swopper is simple- create a chair that encourages- even forces- constant movement as you sit. To that end, German designers combined the best features of a regular office chair with a exercise ball chair to create a 3D moving ergonomic stool that is nothing short of amazing from a ergonomic stand point. It helps to encourage great posture, improves blood flow for better energy and focus and strengthens your back and core muscles.

best office chair for fitness?

The BackApp Chair

Enter the BackApp! A real crowd pleaser, with over 100,000 users world-wide it is a chair that gently moves giving you a wonderful sitting experience. The motion of the BackApp exercises the muscles that support your spine. The chair itself is designed to make it all about you as it encourages you to balance when in use. It helps you to increase your energy levels, burn more calories and reduce pain and soreness compared to the ordinary office chair. All in all, it challenges you to become more active.

BackApp for sale in Ireland

Desk Bike M

Stay fit while you work. The Desk Bike M is a great way to stay active. It can be hard sometimes to find time in your workday to get out for a walk or go to the gym. With the Desk Bike M it helps to improve your circulation and boost your metabolism, which is great for your health and productivity. The bike is quiet and is easy to set up, use and store away.

 Where can I purchase a desk bike Ireland?

Variable Balans Kneeling Chair

For those serious about active seating and kneeling at your desk then this is the chair for you. Probably one of the most popular active seating chairs this year. With its superior Norwegian design, ergonomics, and quality materials- it is the Rolls Royce of kneeling chairs.The way this chair works is by slightly moving your hip pelvis forward placing your spine in a natural upward position. This is supposed to relieve any pressure on your lower back area including the tailbone. Another benefit this chair provides is to keep you active while you work which in turn engages your abdominal muscles and strengthens your back.

Most people deeply appreciate the rocking motion of the chair, it keeps them focused and lets them stretch their back in both directions.

Where can I buy Varier Balans Kneeling Chair in Ireland?

Why not step it up a notch

TR5000-DT3 under desk treadmill

Get those steps in with our under-desk treadmill desk. Designed to keep you active without disrupting your walk. Unlike ordinary treadmills the TR5000-DT3 is designed for you to walk comfortably. It is ideal to use at home or in the office. This under-desk treadmill is meant to be used with a separate standing desk unit. By purchasing the two items individually, you can roll the treadmill out of the way and just stand on the floor at the desk when you need a break from walking. 

This treadmill includes a control console that can be placed on any desk, which features a USB charging port for your electronics.

Best treadmills Ireland? Under desk treadmill

How to find out more about our active seating range

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