KOS Ergonomics - Remote Assessment Service

Achieve compliance and set employees up to work productively at home to prevent injury arising.

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Why do we need remote assessments?

• All employees are habitually working from home, require a suitable DSE assessment

• The Health and Safety Authority’s guide that to achieve compliance it is not sufficient to do a
pre-assessment or standard skype assessment where you are only looking at the person’s face
as you cannot sufficiently assess the risks of the work and the environment

• Most companies do not have internal assessors with experience or training in suitably
performing the assessment remotely to be deemed competent or technology available to
perform a suitable DSE assessment to be compliant.

What is covered in remote assessments by KOS Ergonomics?

✓ 10 – 12 Remote Ergonomic Assessments per day

✓ Uses technology and KOS Ergonomic Assessment Process to covers the statutory elements
under The Safety, Health and Welfare at Work, (General Application) Regulations 2007

✓ Risk assessment by competent and qualified assessor with primary background in Physiotherapy,
Performance Science or Ergonomics

✓ Tailored guidance on posture and working habits via images of home workstation and phone
call with assessor

✓ Training on safe setup and usage of chair and workstation

✓ Advice on maintaining productivity while homeworking

✓ Written report with findings, recommendations for changes or equipment interventions

✓ Optional remote delivery of homeworking equipment i.e. Laptop stand, keyboard, mouse, chair

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Who are we:

KOS Ergonomics are a multi-disciplinary team of ergonomic consultants; we are a full-service
ergonomics company, providing software, consultancy, training and equipment.

Our goal is to educate workers on posture, working habits, to stay healthy and work pain free in the office or at home. We
want to make lasting improvements to how employees work for their own and their company’s

Why choose us:

• We have over 25 years’ experience in providing ergonomic solutions for Ireland’s largest
• Multi-disciplary team, including ergonomists, physiothrapists, pshycholigists, health scientist and
• We focus on getting employees to engage in the process, with behavioural change and employee
education as a priority.
• We have a wealth of experience and expertise and know exactly what will solve the problems
that arise.
• Our offering is tailored to our client’s needs and how the client wants to achieve them.
• We provide reports with clear and specific recommendations on what is required, removing
ambiguity around what needs to be changed.
• We are ergonomic specialists, who know exactly which solution will resolve the problems.


Remote Consultation with Ergonomic Assessor: €45+VAT (20 minutes)
Single Remote Assessment: €149+VAT (45 minutes)
Single Detailed Assessment: €269+VAT (75 minutes)
Half Day Remote Assessments: €495+VAT (4-6 Assessments)
Full Day Remote Assessments: €849+VAT (10-12 Assessments)

If you would like to book please contact joanne.mcdonagh@kos.ie