Guidelines for Laptop Users

Ergonomic Guidelines for Laptop Users

1. Adjust the armrest of your chair to at least the height of table and keyboard, so that your shoulders are relaxed and slack, and the angle at your elbow is at least 90 degrees.

2. Select a viewing distance to the screen between 19.6″- 35.4″, according the screen and character size.

3. Place the screen at an orientation which is tangential (i.e. 90 degrees when compared to the line of sight).


4. Place the top of the screen at eye height or just below (no more than 2″ below).

5. When working with documents, use an inline document holder between the screen and keyboard.


Achieve good posture simply with a Notebook Stand.

Good posture Laptop Stand and External Keyboard

Providing yourself with a Laptop Stand with a seperate keyboard and mouse will help you avoid back pain and neck pain.  A good Laptop Stand should easily fit in all laptop bags.