Lets face it - working from home presents a unique challenge when it comes to looking after our personal wellbeing. Release from the daily commute may seem a godsend, but it is just one of many ways our body stays active throughout the working day.


No trips to the canteen, meetings held from your desk, and socialising reduced to screen time - all of this can have a drastic impact on our posture and overall health, which in turn puts pressure on our general wellbeing.


One thing we can all do is take a few moments, a couple of times a day, to invigorate our bodies, stretch out those tired muscles and give our minds a boost of energy.

We've put together a short set of exercises focusing on some of the muscles, tendons and body parts which are put under the most stress when sat at a desk.


Whilst we devised these exercises to take advantage of the unique qualities of one of our most popular chairs, the HÅG Capisco, that shouldn't stop you from having a go at these exercises on your traditional office chair. Just remember to ensure it is sturdy enough and your floor surface is not slippery.

Desk Exercises

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