Ergonomics is about fitting a workstation and environment to an individual’s needs. In order to do this, it’s important to know where the issues lie.

Visual Display Unit (VDU) or Display Screen Equipment (DSE) assessments are utilised to ensure employees are working in comfort as productively as possible.

They form the early stages of an effective ergonomics program and can benefit an organization in a number of different ways. 

For companies there are a number of duties set down in the Display Screen Equipment Regulation 2007.

The key requirements are to: 

    • Carry out an analysis or risk assessment of employee workstations 
    • Provide information to employees in relation to measures which have been implemented 
    • Provide training to employees in the use of workstations before commencing work with display screen equipment and whenever the organisation of the workstation is modified 
    • Perform a further analysis or risk assessment where an employee transfers to a new workstation or significant new work equipment, change of equipment or new technology is introduced an individual’s workstation 
    • Ensure that the provision of an appropriate eye and eyesight test is made available to every employee (HSA, 2007)


Although required by HSA regulations VDU assessments can often times are done on a reactive basis when somebody has discomfort. That being said more and more companies are now carrying out assessments for all staff as they see how beneficial they can be! 

See below for some of the benefits of carrying out VDU Assessments in your organisation;  

1. VDU Assessments reduce costs. 

By systematically reducing ergonomic risk factors, you can prevent costly MSDs. Statistics indicate that around 80% of staff will experience some level of discomfort over their working life. This can have a snowball effect on absenteeism if not managed effectively. Identifying why this is occurring and resolving the issue helps reduce the likelihood of further deterioration or long-term absenteeism. 

2. VDU Assessments improves productivity. 

The best VDU Assessments will often improve productivity. By designing a job to allow for good posture, less exertion, fewer motions and better heights and reaches, the workstation becomes more efficient. If somebody is more comfortable at their workstation, they’ll be happier thus more productive. 

3. VDU Assessments improves quality of work. 

Workstations setup poorly can lead to frustrated and fatigued workers that don’t do their best work. When work is physically taxing on the employee, they may not perform their job like they were trained. For example, somebody who needs to stand and stretch regularly or massage an area causing discomfort will regularly break focus so may have a reduced work output or higher risk of making a mistake. 

VDU Assessments improve employee engagement. 

Employees notice and appreciate when the company is making the effort to manage staff discomfort. If an employee is completely comfortable and does not experience fatigue and discomfort during their workday, it can reduce turnover, decrease absenteeism, improve morale and increase employee involvement. 

5. VDU Assessments create a better safety culture.

Ergonomics shows your company’s commitment to employee safety and health as a core value. The cumulative effect of the previous four benefits of ergonomics is a stronger safety culture for your company. Healthy employees are your most valuable asset; creating and fostering the safety & health culture at your company will lead to better human performance for your organization. 


At KOS Ergonomics our experienced team of Physios, Health and Performance Scientists and Ergonomics work with many of Irelands large multinational companies to help manage discomfort effectively. 

We have a range of options to suit your company’s needs ranging from Standard VDU assessments suitable for all staff, Detailed Ergonomic Assessments for specific cases that require some extra attention and Ergonomic Management Software if you find managing the while process very time consuming.  

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