Sitting at work can be deadly - simple solution

Sitting at work can be deadly - simple solution

Sitting at work can be deadly - a simple solution 

Introduce movement to your working day 


Most of our day is spent with very little movement.  Our life style is getting more and more sedentary.  Both at work and at home.  We are all sitting for longer periods each day.  


Sedentary lifestyle has been linked to these health risks - obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression. back pain,  


How do we change this and improve our health.


Simply introduce movement into your daily activities.


Exercise at lunch


Take the stairs instead of the lift.


Set time aside to meet a colleagues for a walk at lunch time.


Place the printer a distance away from you so you have to get up and walk to gather your reports etc.


Stretch Exercises at your deskSame too with coffee machine and water cooler.


Interrupt your sitting as much as possible,


Steppie Balance Board Movement for Standing DeskStand at meetings, presentations etc.


If you have a sit stand desk, maybe get a Steppie Balance Board  as this will encourage standing with movement.


Remember, the best position is always your next position.


Chairs with support and encourage movementAlways pick an ergonomic chair that encourages movement, concentrated work at the computer often tenses the body, so when your chair reacts to your slightest body movement the resulting movement will stimulates the muscles and energises you, improving blood flow and health.  Reducing the risk of back pain and stress on the neck and shoulder .


In the office walk to colleagues desk instead of lifting the phone.


Stand while speaking on the phone.


Fun time Play with childrenAt home, turn off the TV for an hour, more if possible each day.  Now what  will you do?  


Do housework, play with the children, walk the dog, take up a sport, pilates, yoga...


Energised you'll enjoy lifeWalk while speaking on the mobile.


How many hours can you take back from sitting at the computer, TV, commuting.....?


Health & Safety at work and at home.


We've only one body, its time to look after it!




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