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  • Scandic-Desk Standing Desk KO22 Alu

    RRP €1185.00 ex Vat - NOW €699 ex VAT - Includes a Straight Table Top 1600 x 800mm in Beech only with Aluminium Frame. The Scandic-Desk Standing Desk KO22 is the best standing desk available and a great investment to improve user health and overall productivity. Postural variation is crucial to maintain user health and reduce the risk of of work-related...

  • Ergo High Back Office Chair K204

    An ergonomic office chair offering excellent seating comfort.The elegant design of the Ergo High Back Office Chair not only adds to the aesthetics of your workplace, but more importantly enhances comfort level, making it a perfect modern office chair in which you can spend a great deal of time sitting comfortably and supported.Price includes Height,...

  • Semi-Vertical Mouse

    Semi Vertical Ergonomic Mouse from KOS - helps relieve wrist pain and arm pain. A superbly contoured ergonomic mouse at a great price. This well made optical mouse has a semi-vertical grip which eliminates arm twisting by keeps the forearm in a neutral position.It prevents and relieves mouse related injuries by positioning the hand in a relaxed handshake...

  • Lumbar Support with Memory Foam Deluxe

    Most popular lumbar support to help relieve lower back pain. Made from pressure sensitive memory foam to mold to your dimensions.This lumbar support attaches easily to your office chair, kitchen chair etc.RRP 55.28 ex Vat

  • Seat Wedge Large KW310

    This wedge seat cushion will help improve posture while sitting.A seat wedge will help prevent back pain as bad posture contributes to back pain.This seat wedge changes your chair seat angle and lifts you into a more comfortable sitting position.RRP 37.18 ex Vat

  • Flat Screen Arm Ergo 1

    A versatile, easily adjustable flat screen support arm, holds Flat screen / LCD monitors in the correct ergonomic position that suits the user.Monitor Arms can help prevent eye strain, neck pain, shoulder pain and back problems, by ensuring the flat screen is at the right height and distance for the user, thus avoiding bad posture. Ergonomic design...

  • Sit Stand Rest KH02 Support Chair

    This sit stand stool, a perching stool, provides support to those who stand for long periods. This support stool has a non-slip seat made of soft polyurethane in Black.RRP Price 169.00

  • Laptop Stand Ergo P

    The Ergo P Laptop Stand helps correct bad posture which contributes to back pain and neck pain.The unique design means the stand neatly foldsaway for easy storage when not in use and is big enough to support a 17 inch laptop when open.6 easy to select height settings.Extremely compact. Very high quality finish.Design supports convection cooling....

  • Monitor Riser 25mm

    Computer Monitor Risers will help prevent neck pain.Having the computer screen at the correct height for you results in you putting less pressure on your neck.We all spend alot of time in front of our computer screen. A simple monitor risers help us avoid putting our neck muscles in awkward positions for long periods.RRP Price 8.50

  • Monitor Stand 50mm

    Monitor Stands will rise your computer monitor to a comfortable height for viewing.Having your computer monitor at the correct height will relieve neck and shoulder pain.As we spend so long at the computer the height of the computer screen will have a huge effect on our posture.This simple ergonomic solutions will help you avoid straining your neck...

  • Ergonomic VDU Chair KOS Standard VDU Chair

    An entry level adjustable ergonomic office chair. Suitable for individuals who need to sit supported at the work desk.For individuals post VDU assessments / DSE assessments.Great value design with ergonomic features at a cheap price to suit all budgets.Also suitable for 24 hour use.All prices are displayed ex VatRPP Price 511.00

  • Screen Monitor Arm KOS1150

    An economical monitor arm to ensure comfortable healthy computer work.This monitor arm with cable management is a real system arm with a classic design.The screen mount arm KOS1150 allows you manage your workload effectively and efficiently with the least impact on your body.The monitor arm is easily adjustable to different heights to fit different...


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