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  • Ergo AIR 3D Mesh Office Chair K603
    CH Ergo AIR K603EB 2D

    A comfortable office chair that moves, generating more energy and improving your productivity.This truly ergonomic mesh office chair with 3D movement.It has a height adjustable lumbar support that will support your back throughout the day.

  • Back App Chair
    CH Saddle Back App POP

    Back App is an ideal sit stand chair that strengthens your back and improves posture.   BackApp chair relieves back pain and gives better posture by strengthening the core muscles that support the spine, resulting in a natural sitting position. This ensures a natural comfortable sitting position where users are more energetic and productive at work.   The...

  • Stand Up Desk Dual Monitor Station WFS2
    Desk WFS2 Stand Up Dual

    Helping you Stand Up at WorkThe perfect sit stand solution for those who need to keep their existing desk and tables.No need to buy a monitor mount or stand as the mounting for two monitors is included with the Stand Up Desk Station.You can easily adjust the monitor to the perfect height for you, helping you prevent and relieve back problems.You...

  • Stand Up Monitor Station Single Monitor WFS1
    Desk WFS1 Stand Up Single

    A simple way to change your existing desktop to a Sit Stand Desk.   Placed on top of your own desk you can now work comfortably sitting for a while and standing for a while.   Boosting performance and improving health at workRRP €595.00

  • KOS Standesk
    KOS Standesk

    The KOS Standesk is the perfect Sit-Stand Adaptor for anybody looking to easily vary their posture while they work. Research has shown that postural variation has a significant effect on improving productivity and reducing back pain among office based workers. The tailored 3 memory height adjustment system on the KOS Standesk allows the user to...

  • Dragon Professional Individual 15 Full License 1 user
    Voice Act Dragon Professional

    From making status updates and searching the web to creating reports and spreadsheets,Dragon speech recognition solutions let you do it all - faster and more efficiently - whether you're a student,a professional,or an enterprise user.Electronic Software DownloadLicence 1 UserDrive documentation productivity - all by voiceFast and accurate documentationGet...

  • Adjustable Laptop Stand
    Laptop Stand K880

    Helps to prevent neck and shoulder pain.Improves posture while working on your laptop.A simple way to improve comfort.Out of stock until June 22nd

  • Executive Treadmill Desk T 5000 Series
    TM TR5000-DT3

    The Lifespan TR5000-DT3, is an ideal under desk treadmill for the  busy executive. Its low noise levels will not interfere with your concentration.  It's robust construction is also ideal for shared workspaces. This purposefully-compact whisper quiet treadmill makes it easy to convert your stand-up desk into a walking desk, keeping your focus on the task...

  • Adjustable Monitor Stand Metal KOS494
    Monitor Stand KOS494

    This adjustable monitor stand is designed to raise your computer monitor to a more suitable viewing height.This monitor stand raises the monitor  6, 7 or 8 inches off your desk.Also allows easy storage of your office essentials underneath,Creating a healthy working environment.

  • Sit Stand Scandic-Desk KO23
    Desk KO23 Wh 1600

    Sit-stand desks or standing desks are a fantastic option to encourage postural variation in the workplace and to allow workers more freedom to move. Standing while working has been shown to improve productivity by as much as 20%. More movement between sitting and standing means more muscle activation and elevated blood circulation which, when coupled...

  • LED Table Light with USB charger KO60H
    Light D60HB Led

    The perfect lighting solution for those who read alot. . A smooth, elegant LED desk lamp, equipped with USB-charger. . This elegant LED Light is dimmable, with easy adjustment of color temperature for optimal eye reading conditions. . Colour: Black .

  • Wrist / Palm Rest on Metal Plate with Elevated Mouse Pad KO28
    AR WR Keyb Metal KO28

    Elevated Mouse Pad maintains straight wrist postures when using mouse Ergonomic benefits:The wrist /palm rest reduces carpal tunnel symptoms, tingling, numbness or coldness in hands. The wrist rest helps maintaining neutral wrist postures during inactivity or keystroke avoiding bending of the wrist.Rest and raised mouse pad together do the same also...


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Annette Shannahan - Owner ..

We at Abbey Physio and HealthcareDirect have worked very effectively and on many occasions with Seamus and the team at Kos Ergonomics when seeking solutions and resolving work-related...

Eileen Murphy - Physiotherapist ..

I recommend patients to KOS. They have experience and expertise with ergonomic solutions for patients with particular problems. When they sell a chair, they ensure that the chair is fitted...

Padraic O'Fiynn - Ergonomist ..

Since 2006, working as a chartered ergonomist with KOS Ergonomic solutions has greatly contributed to an early and safe return to work mainly for staff and where necessary students of the...

Kathleen Treanor - Ergonomist ..

I Kathleen Treanor have worked collaboratively with KOS and Seamus Kennedy since 2000. We have worked together with many organisations both public and private, to provide professional...

Sarah Carry - UCD ..

Since first contacting KOS Ergonomic Solutions in 2010, l have found their service reliable and efficient, combining excellent customer service and product expertise with a range of ergonomic...

Eileen Hannon - Stryker ..

KOS Ergonomic Solutions has supplied us with chairs for our Beading Room which have been very beneficial to the safety and comfort of our employees working in this area. These chairs are used 14-18...

Alison Minter - Paypal ..

Just wanted to say thank you for the quick and efficient service over the last year. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you and I would highly recommend KOS to anyone

Irene O'B - Physio & Ergonomist ..

Following a fall from a bicycle I sustained a T10 (mid back) wedge fracture with no nerve damage. I also reinjured my neck having sustained a whiplash injury some 20 years previously. Three months...

Karol Fitzgerald - Athlone IT ..

As I informed you previously to my numerous back problems, resulting from fracturing a couple of vertebra in my lower back a number of years ago. This later caused disc to slip, trapping nerves...


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