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  • Varier Move Chair

    Varier Move chair is the perfect sit stand stool for both home and office useWith a 360° movement the Varier Move saddle will always follow your movements.The ultimate in active sitting.The unconventional design keeps the spine in its natural curvature and the spinal disks dynamic; blood circulation is active and oxygen supply is improved, leading to...

  • Treadmill for under Existing Desk TR 1200-DT3

    Treadmill with Desktop Console for under your existing desk.   Top selling treadmill base and console, designed to support single users or small teams. The compact treadmill fits under sit stand desks, making it easy to convert your sit stand desk into a treadmill desk.   Durable enough to share with coworkers and quiet enough to keep it all to yourself....

  • Scandic-Desk Sit Stand Desk KO23 White

    Great Value Sit Stand Desk   A Sit Stand Desk is the best investment you can make to improve your health at work, while improving productivity and efficiency and reducing the risks associated with sedentary work.A Sit Stand Desk is the perfect desk solution for anyone with a back complaint.  As alternating between sitting and standing can often help...

  • Sit & Stand Workstation Dual Monitors WSK2W

    This Sit Stand Workstation will transform your existing desk / table into a sit to stand workstation.Changing the way you work for ever - move from sitting to standing in a matter of seconds.With a single action quick release adjustment from sitting to standing it has a 457mm of vertical height adjustment (gas spring) to accommodate the majority of...

  • Ergotron Workfit T Plus - Larger version
    Desk Workfit-T Plus Large

    The Ergotron Workfit-T Plus quickly converts a normal desk into an easy to use standing desk solution, It changes your sedentary work into a healthy sit-stand workstation. It's as easy as putting the Ergotron Workfit-T Plus on the desk or table and it's ready to use. While many of the sit-stand table-top adaptors have too small a worksurface to be...

  • Antifatigue Mat for Sit Stand Desks K1425

    A rubberised foam mat ideal for those who sit and stand at work.Extreme comfort derived from rubberized foam 19 mm thick Ideal for static standing work stations Bounce effect stimulates balance checks

  • KOS Freedom Desk 36"
    Desk Freedom Desk 36

    The KOS Freedom desk is a standing desk adapter that makes any desk a standing desk. It is a very easy to adjust sit-stand solution. The upper display surface is very spacious and it has a separate lower surface for the keyboard and mouse. The KOS Freedom Desk has a spring-assisted lift mechanism which enables an easy switch from sitting to standing in...

  • KOS Freedom Stand Up Desk
    Desk Freedom Stand Up

    The KOS Freedom Stand Up Desk is a sit-stand adapter that effortlessly transforms any fixed height desk or bench into a personalized stand up desk. The sit-stand adapter gives you to ability to work in more safe working positions that will improve your overall health. The height adjustable keyboard tray on the KOS Freedom Stand Up Desk allows you to...

  • KOS Freedom Stand Up Desk Dual
    Desk Freedom Stand Up Dual

    The KOS Freedom Stand Up Desk Dual is a two monitor sit-stand adapter. Using it transforms any standard height desk or bench into a personalized stand up desk. The sit-stand converter provides the ability to work in multiple safe working postures that will improve your overall health and wellbeing. The in-built monitor arms can hold two monitors and...

  • Stand Up Desk Dual Monitor Station WFS2

    Helping you Stand Up at WorkThe perfect sit stand solution for those who need to keep their existing desk and tables.No need to buy a monitor mount or stand as the mounting for two monitors is included with the Stand Up Desk Station.You can easily adjust the monitor to the perfect height for you, helping you prevent and relieve back problems.You...

  • Stand Up Monitor Station Single Monitor WFS1

    A simple way to change your existing desktop to a Sit Stand Desk.   Placed on top of your own desk you can now work comfortably sitting for a while and standing for a while.   Boosting performance and improving health at workRRP €595.00


Sit Stand Solutions

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